Question of the Day: Why Are Concealed Carry Permit Holders More Law-Abiding than the General Population?

TTAG commentator HD76 provided some killer info in the comments section underneath the post “Concealed Carry Killers” List Crests 300. And?. He or she linked to data gathered and crunched by the proving that Texans with a Concealed Handgun License are less likely to commit a crime than the general population. [Click here to download the data set.] At the risk of stating the obvious,Texas doesn’t give licenses to convicted felons; convicted felons are the highest risk group for criminal activity. But are there are other reasons? Before you answer consider this: only two percent of Texans have a license to carry a concealed weapon (I reject the term “permit” for a Second Amendment right). As few as half may actually carry. That’s one percent. Are they a higher class of people or, in the main, gun loons? Why?