NBC Chicago’s Edward Mcclelland: Burn Down Gun Factories


NBC Chicago blogger Edward Edward Mcclelland‘s not happy about the fact that ex-con Rodrick Dantzler got ahold of a .40 caliber handgun and killed seven people in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “The only way to prevent this sort of thing from happening again is to track the weapon back to the gun manufacturer, then burn its factory to the ground. As long as it is legal to make and sell a product whose only function is to kill people, that product will be used to kill people illegally. A thug who’s planning a murder is not likely to worry about the penalty for stealing a gun.” At least Eddy gets that part of the equation right. And then he’s off again . . .

As a society, we’ve decided that the free manufacture of firearms is worth the sacrifice of seven people in Grand Rapids, or five people in DeKalb, or 32 people in Blacksburg, Va. Did you hear any politician suggest banning firearms after those bloodbaths? I didn’t.

Nor will Eddy hear any great chorus for gun control. Most people are well aware that a firearm offers them protection from . . . other people with firearms. But Big Mac has it only slightly wrong. Here, let me fix it . . .

As a society, we’ve decided that the freedoms guaranteed by the individual right to keep and bear firearms are worth the dangers of living in society where criminals also have access to firearms.

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