Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Aaron Sullivan


As one of our Armed Intelligentsia pointed out, Senator Lori Klein’s account of the incident wherein she pointed a gun at a reporter (or he jumped in front of it) misses an important safety violation. Klein said her concealed carry demo was safe because she was pointing her piece at a wall. So what was behind that wall? Always know your target and what’s behind it. A .22-caliber bullet can travel two miles before it runs out of steam (so to speak). A nine, not so far. But far enough to kill . . .

[DPW equipment operator Aaron] Sullivan told police he and three friends were passing the gun around and shooting into the lake during the time frame that Blair was shot. He said they were aiming for the water, not the tree line. Police estimated that they fired dozens of shots.

Police don’t know who fired the fatal shot, but as the owner of the weapon, Sullivan is the only one facing state charges.

Blair was visiting her uncle’s house, just beyond the lake and beyond two rows of heavy trees in the 4300 block of Pittman Road, to celebrate the holiday. Blair was shot as she danced around the lawn. She collapsed without a word about 9:15 p.m. She died at a hospital the next day.

This account [via] highlights several important safety points.

First, you are responsible for your gun. If you give a firearm to someone else to shoot, it’s still your responsibility. If you lend a gun to a friend, it’s still your responsibility. In some cases legally. In all cases morally.

Second, you are responsible for all your bullets. As the old expressions goes, every bullet comes with a lawyer attached. The best way not to fire a bullet in the wrong direction: establish the right direction and don’t point the muzzle in any other direction; even when safety checking or loading the weapon.

Third, bullets or bullet fragments skip or bounce off of objects. I know that seems obvious, but we’ve seen plenty of videos from our friend FPSRussia wherein the faux Slav fires powerful weapons at water and objects close-by, without eye protection.

And lastly, beware of peer pressure. Otherwise reasonable people can get caught-up in bromentum. Everyone’s having fun, so why not have fun? Because tragedies like this can happen in the blink of an eye.

Safety first, last and always.