Incendiary Image of the Day: That’s Not an Assault Rifle. That’s an Assault Rifle (Lightweight Barrett M240)

Firearms photographer Oleg Volk has generated some gun porn images of Barrett’s new M240 variant for our friends at Harris Publications. In the caption underneath this outtake, the vraiment Russian émigré reports that “the machine gun shown is about 5 pounds lighter than the regular M240 thanks to the billet machined receiver and a fluted barrel.” If I showed this image to my mother, she’d swear on The New York Sunday Times that civilians can buy this weapon at Bob’s Gun Store. [Note to Mexican drug cartels: contact your local Army unit to reserve your M240 September seepage sale.] Still, I think Oleg missed a trick here. He should have posed one of his gun girls with this beast. Or at least kitted-out Shane Primm in a Hawaiian shirt, Burn Notice style. Just sayin’. [Click here to watch the Crocodile Dundee knife scene, and marvel at the bad guys’ 70’s sweat bands.]