Is it just me or does Petey the Parrot look worried?

30 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. Tony Orlando and his little sister, Dawn, before he lost his weight and started singing. The gun and parrot are props.

  2. Bob, ever the professional, focused the camera and got the shot, not knowing if this was the pinnacle of his career as an Olan Mills associate or the worst day of his life.

  3. “She can put a round into a teacup at a thousand meters. And the girl with the rifle is pretty accurate, too.”

  4. Ron Jeremy’s brother Raoul misunderstood when the photogapher said to bring his lady friend and a couple of their favorite playthings to the photo shoot.

  5. Nobody seems to have noticed yet, but why is the scope mounted on the forward hand guard over the piston/gas tube?

  6. Somehow the “Wake Up, Newark” show with John Candy and Gilda Radner just didn’t last.

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