Hike ’em up and get creative.

44 Responses to Weekend Photo Caption Contest

  1. Is there a pistol stuffed in the backside of your pants, or are your hemorrhoids just happy to see me?

  2. In exchange for approval of Operation Fast and Furious the Obama Justice Department demands all cartel members adopt this form of Mexican Carry.

  3. “And in other news… Sarah Palin, the Repulican nominee for President, has had another campaign derailed by scandal… this time her Daughter’s racy Facebook photos!”

    • You’re musician, right? How do you think, will it be possible to play “Glock on the G String” overture?

  4. “Allright, now lets see what happens when you stand up with this much weight in your G-string.”


    This takes using intimate protection to a whole new level!

  5. I know I must be hard of hearing, but I can’t figure out why she keeps on asking for my big, fat glock all the time…so I bought her one just like mine.

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