Senator Lori Klein Gives TTAG Her Side of the Story

Senator Lori Klein, our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day today, took the time to call me back to give TTAG her version of what happened when writer Richard Ruelas and a photographer interviewed her recently. You probably won’t be surprised that the Senator told me that what was portrayed in the story wasn’t an entirely accurate description of what happened…

First, the Senator is, in her own words, “mortified” by what happened. She describes herself as a life-long gun owner and 2A supporter. Her father started teaching her how to safely use a gun at age five. And yes, she knows the four rules.

During the interview, she didn’t whip out her gun to show it off. The reporter specifically asked to see it. He then wanted her to demonstrate the Crimson Trace laser. Senator Kline complied, pointing the gun toward a wall and activating the laser.

The reporter then approached her, momentarily getting himself between the gun and the wall. The Senator said that as soon as she realized the laser was on his chest, she immediately lowered it. She also made a point of saying that she doesn’t know whether or not Ruelas got in front of the gun intentionally or not.

Klein went on to say that there’s no excuse for allowing the gun to laser the reporter. She knows she was wrong and reiterated that at no time was her finger on the trigger. There wasn’t a round in the chamber. And while all that may be true, she fully realizes that she was responsible for where the gun was pointing.

The Senator’s in her first elected position and said through inexperience, she allowed herself to be used by a reporter who decided what his angle on the story was going to be before he talked to her. Her biggest regret, though, isn’t any personal embarrassment about what happened. It’s giving gun controllers a convenient story and ammunition against gun owners. She then apologized to 2A supporters for, in effect, letting her guard down.

As some guy on the radio used to say, now you know the rest of the story.