Illinois’s “A Very Different State,” Can’t Handle Concealed Carry

At least the people of Illinois now know – in no uncertain terms – exactly what their elected representatives think of them. Or what Highland Park’s Representative Karen May thinks of them, anyway. And she found out at a recent town hall meeting what a lot of annoyed Illinoisans think of her…

It appears that the natives in the Land of Lincoln are getting a little restless. Now that Wisconsin’s new law has left the moribund Prairie State the only one in the union without at least some form of concealed carry, elected opponents of gun rights are hearing about it from their constituents. And the folks in Springfield don’t like it.

One attendee at May’s meeting told her:

“At my age, I cannot run to save my life,” Hanover Park resident Leonard Czerechowicz said before the public meeting began. “If I was attacked, I wouldn’t be able to defend myself.”

[Another person] asked May why Illinois wouldn’t be able to manage effectively a conceal-carry law if 49 other states currently have the regulatory framework on the books. The Evanston resident said May’s opposition is actually an extreme position given the national support of conceal and carry. I don’t understand what makes Illinois less responsible.

All May could manage was, “we are a very different state,” prompting one of two outbursts of guffaws and ridicule from the unwashed masses.

So that’s it in a nutshell, Illini. You’re really just a pathetic bunch of moronic louts. Such a dumb aggregation of nincompoopery, in fact, that Illinois is at the bottom of the barrel, competence-wise. The only collection of boobs and clodhoppers so vile that they really can’t be trusted to deal with a pistol. So put a cork in it and stop your infernal whining.

May finally grew tired of all the impertinent questioning.

I get mail about the budget, I get mail about pensions, I get mail about education, I get mail about providing human services and education…I do not want to spend a whole hour discussing conceal carry because it’s not the No. 1 issue for this district.

You see, she gets to decide what’s important and what isn’t. What those attending her town halls can discuss and what they can’t. Don’t like it? Well, you can stuff it. Just make sure you keep paying your taxes.