Birmingham’s ‘Gun Quarter’ Name Must Go

In another of a seemingly endless string of examples of cultural abdication in Blighty, The Ministry of Silly Walks Birmingham Councillor Tim Huxtable has decided that the name of the city’s historic firearms manufacturing sector, the Gun Quarter, must be changed. For 250 years, it’s been the birthplace of the muskets that fought Napoleon, fine […]

News Flash: Shooting Range Neighbors Hear Gunfire

Say it ain’t so. Please. Tell me that the neighbors of a shooting range in Williamsburg, MA aren’t complaining about the sound of gunfire. First it’s the MacArthur grant finalist who wanted to be shot in order to attract a girl. Now it’s people who live near a range that’s been there since the 1930s […]

Alan Schulman: “We Are Being Protected”

[flv][/flv] In Wednesday’s post, we heard from Canton, OH City Council President Alan Schulman who’s morally outraged by the proliferation of citizens legally carrying guns in his city. Not to mention the country as a whole. Councilman Schulman’s been terribly inconvenienced, having to “sit every week and listen to our citizens say, ‘we want to […]

Range Where Breivik Trained Now Closed for Pistols and Rifles

The International Business Times has a photo essay showing the Skytterkollen shooting range where Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik practiced. The pistol and rifle ranges are closed. Apparently because Breivik used a pistol and a rifle to murder his victims. Fortunately for the trap shooter pictured in the essay, Breivik decided not to use a shotgun […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Cremated Ash Ammo

Has someone you loved recently passed on to that great trap field in the sky? Is deer hunting with Grandpa one of your fondest childhood memories? Or would you just like a way to make sure your trusted Labrador can continue to help you bring in those ducks once he’s gone? If you’re struggling with how […]