After months of stalking polite and persistent inquiries from Farago and myself, the good people at Accuracy International have finally made it official: they’re going to trust us with one of their OMFG-accurate precision rifles in the near future, along with a worthy optic from the likes of Zeiss, Nightforce or Schmidt & Bender.

In addition to being the semi-official sniper rifle of the Counterstrike and Call Of Duty video game franchises, Accuracy International’s Arctic Warfare series is the official sniper rifle of the British Army. A Brit sharpshooter used one in .338 Lapua to snuff a pair of Taliban fighters at a confirmed distance of 1.54 miles.

My palms are already getting sweaty just thinking about the new AX 308 rifle. I’ve been told to expect one-hole groups at 100 yards and 1/4 to 1/2 MOA accuracy out to 300 yards and beyond. I’ll shoot the hell out of it, but don’t expect any ruggedness testing: this scoped rifle costs nearly as much as a new small car, and most of us would have to take out a second mortgage to buy it.

Joe Grine and I will shoot it primarily at 300 and 600 yards; anything closer will be a waste of this rifle’s abilities. As always, TTAG will call it like we see it, even if it means losing our seat on the gravy train. Watch this space.

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  1. Excited. Been contemplating a move up from my Rem. 700 w/ Leupold Mk.4 and K-31 to something more serious. Dangerous time for me to be reading about expensive glass and expensive rifles!

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