TTAG Question of the Day: Do You Walk the Walk?

Here at TTAG, we talk a lot about concealed carry, including the what, when, who, why and how of it. But there’s one topic we don’t really delve into a lot, and that’s the whole thing about if you have a concealed carry permit, how often do you actually carry? I bring this up, because when it comes right down to it, carrying is not just a huge responsibility (from civil, criminal, self-defense, and safety perspectives), it’s also requires a lot of dedication . . .

You’ve got to worry about concealment, printing, what to do if you have to go into a place that restricts your right to carry, getting in and out of your car, et cetera. It’s such a big deal, that I find myself thinking, “well, I don’t really need to carry today – I’m not going any place dangerous, and odds are, I won’t need it.” Until I do, and don’t have it.

I recently read in the local paper that two men were shot in a parking garage. Not big news, except that this parking garage is one where I park on a semi-regular basis. It’s right downtown, oposite a casino. Well lit. Regularly patrolled by Shreveport’s Finest. In a relatively crime-free part of town. Yet two guys got shot.

Coulda been me, I’m guessing. And carrying a gun is no guarantee that I would NOT be a gunshot victim. But I like my odds more WITH the gun than WITHOUT it. So I ask our question of the day: how often do you actually carry?