ATF Death Watch 33: C-SPAN’s Smoking Gun.


Here we are thinking that there’s got to be a Watergate moment – the 18½ minutes of tape, Deep Throat, the Plumbers – to connect the final dot between the ATF’s Gunwalker scandal and Obama. Nope. Turns out, we just had to go back and watch some C-SPAN reruns, and there it was, straight from the Assistant US Attorney’s mouth. Obama Ordered ATF’s Gunwalker. Wow. I mean, so we’re clear, the U.S. AG’s office was bragging about Gunwalker as a part of Obama’s “get tough on the border” policy. Or to put it in terms that a Democrat can understand, “he was for it, before he was against it.” Um-hmmm. And he approved it before he tried to distance himself from it.

What was once a lone voice crying in the wilderness, is beginning to snowball into a groundswell Greek chorus of voices calling for putting down the ATF like the rabid dog that it is. And nailing it’s master (that would be Obama) for letting the dog run wild.

I realize nobody watches C-SPAN, but don’t you think it’s gonna be a little hard for the AG’s office to ‘splain this one away?

While we’re at it, we may have cleared up the mystery of what those two agents were doing in-country when they were ambushed by the cartel thugs. Listen carefully, and you’ll see Obama stepped up the presence of American law enforcement inside Mexico.

Anybody else wondering how this is different from Kennedy ordering “advisors” into North Vietnam and claiming we weren’t doing anything suspicious? Or for that matter, how this policy bears a resemblance to the Un-war we seem to now be fighting in Libya?

I’m almost hoping ObamaCare actually works, as I’m gonna need some medical attention for all the whiplash I’m getting from the “Fast and Furious” lies coming out of the administration.

Fortunately, it’s gonna be pretty difficult for Obama, Holder & Co. to deny they knew anything about this, with an assistant AG spilling the beans. On C-SPAN no less.

I can almost smell the scandalous odors of gunpowder and desperation from here.