SIG SAUER P250 Now With Optional Mini-Picatinny Rail

Just thought you might like to know. Press release:

SIG SAUER, Inc., the leading manufacturer of commercial, law enforcement and military firearms, introduces the latest version of the P250 Modular Pistol System, the P250 Subcompact with an integral M1913 accessory rail. Featuring the medium grip contoured to fit most hand sizes, the new P250 Subcompact allows users to mount lights and lasers on the smallest P250 frame.


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12 Responses to SIG SAUER P250 Now With Optional Mini-Picatinny Rail

  1. avatarJason says:

    Won’t fix the trigger. Or the ugly.

  2. avatarTTACer says:

    Yay. I guess.

  3. avatarRalph says:

    Great. Now your handly little Sig can dice, peel, chop, core an apple and manage your investment portfolio.

    And you wonder why I like revolvers.

  4. avatarLance says:

    With the new rail system, you can attach a normal sized gun that will not inflict pain upon the person firing it and that will actually be accurate.

    • avatarSteven Fitzgerald says:

      @Lance. Have you ever shot this handgun? I own the P250 SC 9mm. I am no sharpshooter by any means.and at 62 years old I am not as steady as I used to be and I am missing a huge part of my right pec muscle but I can still manage to shoot nice tight groups at 5, 7.5 and 10 yards shooting the more powerful 147 gr FMJ round. I practice and train at those distances because those are the distances that I expect to engage targets at in my home. It does take some getting used to the long trigger pull of this DA only gun and the significant muzzle rise of a small format gun but you get used to it.

  5. avatarGAKoenig says:

    The bull meets it’s new tits…

  6. avatarJoe Mersnik says:

    I’ve long looked for a sub compact 45 ACP with a universal rail. This brief article does not disclose the caliber. I want the rail for a small green laser so the accuracy of the sub compact can be improved over open sights. Regarding identification the P250 series is confusing at best, with a salad bowl of configurations; i.e. size, and calibers for example. Having three physical sizes with the same P250 model number is just plain …………..well I better not say. JEM
    Chagrin Falls, Ohio

  7. avatarMark eaton says:

    Mini-pickatinny rail or not the sub-compact P250 is:
    1. Easy to shoot accurately
    2. Easy to carry concealed
    And. Bugs the hell out of gun snobs who think a gun must
    cost at least $2000. before its worthy

    • avatarCarlo Sean says:

      Where can I get one like this?I have p250 sub compact and I want to install a laser light.


  8. avatarCarlo Sean says:

    Where can I buy the mini rail for the p250 subcompact?


  9. avatarTGugs says:

    Once you get used to the HIGH bore axis, resulting in snappy recoil, and long,long trigger reset. No fast double taps here …You can now mount a weight on the rail to balance the top heavy feel…i do regret selling my p250 .45 compact prior to the sub-compact’s arrival. Now I wanna shoot one of the .45 sub’s. Sig should man up and sell the p250 trigger group/module. Sigs may be reliable but the alloy models are overpriced….

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