Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos Noriega: “I find it insulting that the only thing we’re looking at as a barometer of what went wrong this weekend is how many shots were fired”

“Video shot from a nearby fifth-floor apartment and posted on YouTube shows the car speeding down Collins Avenue amid gunfire and skidding to a stop after four shots rang out,” reports. “Officers surrounded the car with their guns drawn, and about a minute later fired a barrage of bullets. [Other reports peg the number at “over 100″] Four bystanders were struck by bullets. Three officers had minor injuries. Noriega previously did not rule out the possibility that the bystanders were struck by police bullets . . . The names of the officers and the bystanders were not released.” Sounds like another case of Sympathetic Fire, wherein their own gunfire convinces cops they’re under attack, leading to more and faster shooting. Vicious circles can kill.