Glenn Beck Points to Obama and Asks “Why Would You Get A Gun?”

And I point to the people who point to Glenn Beck pointing at the president asking “Why get a gun?’ and ask “Was Glenn Beck suggesting that members of his audience should shoot President Obama?” No, he wasn’t. The barking mad media mogul was saying [2:15] that Obama-enabled tough economic times could lead to a point where an American citizen would want to have a gun. Of course, most of the people who watch Glenn Beck already have a gun. And most of the people who didn’t have a gun—or what they considered to be enough guns—bought at least one more just before Mr. Oabama became president (the so-called “Obama surge”). Without Mr. Beck’s encouragement. So I think we’re done here. Unless, of course, you blog for . . .

It’s astounding that it needs to be said, but answering the question, “Why would you get a gun?” by pointing to a picture of the president, is unacceptable.

That outrageous — and clearly scripted — stunt comes right on the heels of Fox’s use of seemingly scripted news teases and pre-produced, on-air graphics to accuse the Obama White House of hosting “hoods” in “the hizzouse” – that is to say, the White House.

OMG. Using black street terms to describe a black president inviting black performers into the White House! All of which means Fox and friends are racists who’d like to shoot the president. Or not.