Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Detective Bret Starnes

Remember, leave guns to the experts. Which means the police and the military. It’s just too dangerous to have regular citizens running around with guns. Oh. Wait… (sigh) Another abysmal example of gun handling by a member of the law enforcement community. This time, it’s 12-year Denver PD veteran Detective Bret Starnes . . . reports that Det. Starnes had been getting in some range time (yes!) when his pistol jammed. So he returned home to pick up another heater.

Starnes tested the second gun in his master bathroom, “dry-firing” it without ammunition, the report states. He later loaded a 17-round magazine into the gun but said he forgot it contained live rounds when he pulled the trigger again, hitting his left hand. The bullet apparently went through a bathroom mirror but did not go through the wall.

It seems that nature called and Starnes was playing with his gun while on the throne. Fortunately, his wife and children who were in the next room weren’t hurt, too.

Never mind the extreme fail displayed by playing with your gun in the can. Have you ever pulled the trigger on a gun – loaded or not – with your hand in front of it? Me neither. Why the hell would you?

As the good detective should have learned, there are four pretty simple rules for firearm safety.

1-Every gun is always loaded
2-Never point a gun at something you’re not willing to destroy
3-Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot
4-Know your target and what’s behind it

You have to break a minimum of two rules for something bad to happen. Starnes managed to violate three of them. Maybe he’ll bone up on the rules now.