Well…that’s a bit of a stretch. We’ll do that, if by “give” we mean “sell” and “shirt” we mean “t-shirt, cap, or jacket” and by “off our backs” to mean “straight from the TTAG Armed Intelligentsia Overstocked Warehouse & Range.” So have you seen our new merchandise? The shirts – heavy weight, 100% cotton (none of that pansy-ass Polyester for our bunch). And it’s a limited edition – after the first 200 shirts, they are gone, baby, gone. The caps – FlexFit-style, two-sizes fit all. And the jackets? Be the envy of every over-eager ATF agent on your block. So what are you waiting for? Click on over and buy something. You know you want to.

3 Responses to We’ll give you the shirt right off of our backs.

  1. THANK YOU for correctly identifying the item as a “CAP”, when everybody else in the whole wide world keeps calling it a “HAT”!!!

    When I was a kid, my father taught me the difference between a “cap” and a “hat”.

    But, now a days, it sure looks like no one else learned that.

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