Lucky Gunner aimed to not disappoint when they promised the destruction of several vehicles via heavy artillery. While the aim of the re-enactment operators of the Sherman Tank could have been a little more spot on, they still got the job done; with a little help from some guys whistling Dixie. The end result: total annihilation of a Dodge Caravan, a Blue Bird School Bus and a by-standing sedan. As one RSO quipped to me following the destruction, “They had it coming” Guess he hates mini-vans too.

8 Responses to TTAG Witnesses the Death of some “People Carriers”

    • Thanks Bob, I am definitely no tank expert, the correct info is much appreciated. Maybe next year they’ll let us shoot the tanks 😀

  1. That does it, I want one for my garage! Imagine the reaction the next time those Jehovah’s Witnesses come around….

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