Gear Review: The Remora Holster, Perfect for Slob Carry


Whether it’s tea and scones at Buckingham Palace or tactical training at Quantico, I’m always impeccably dressed, groomed to the nines and as neat as a pin. Except when I’m not. Just as women have bad hair days, I have slob days. While RF has converted me to common sense safety of home carry, slob days put me at a distinct disadvantage. While my immaculately tailored trousers accomodate any number of holster options, sweatpants and basketball shorts, alas, do not. Outside-the-Waistband (OWB) holsterage is out of the question. My normal clip on my Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) holster pulls these garments so far towards my ankles I look like I’m on my way to a Lil Wayne concert. Which brings us to Remora Concealment and Security Products‘ Reinforced Top (RT) holster . . .

This is the stiff upper lip version of the Remora holster Ralph reviewed back in February. While we could discuss the tactical benefits of a holster that facilitates one-handed re-holstering, suffice it to say that Brad put the proverbial boot into the collapsing N8² Tactical holster yesterday. We concern ourselves here with matters sartorial.

The Remora RT is made of flypaper-like material. Not only is it pretty fly for a white guy, it negates the need for a pesky belt clip. It keeps the holster secure in your waistband whilst wearing sweatpants, gym shorts or that creepy bathing suit you bought for your summer tour of European beaches.

I’m not saying that the RT would be suitable for carrying a weapon during vigorous exercise. Nor would I recommend using the RT with sweatpants devoid of a proper drawstring; you need to cinch the waistband tight for secure carry.

But if you’re schlubbing around the home in less than formal attire, the Reinforced Top Remora will let you do so without sacrificing your need for bare arms. I mean, your ability to bear arms. It is a mission critical part of any not-so-well-dressed man’s wardrobe.