Confirmed: FPS Russia (a.k.a., FPSRussia) Isn’t Russian

Imagine my surprise when the mad “Russian” himself strolled into breakfast yesterday. Our favorite IGOTD had shown up at the blogger shoot. I cornered him at the range (where he was wearing muffs and glasses). While he didn’t want any photos or videos taken he agreed to a short interview. After softening him up with some easy questions about the weather, his guns and the intricacies of Baltic cuisine, I asked him a real question: what’s up with the lack of eyes and ears? He responded that he recognized he needed to be wearing PPE and would do so in the future; especially since 20 percent of his viewership is under 18. FPS doesn’t want to set a bad example for the tweens. So, is he Russian? I can definitively report . . .


I was sitting at the breakfast table with ace snapper Oleg Volk. Oleg, a genuine Russian emigre who speak the lingua franca of the old Communist Evil Empire, thought FPS was Russian—because of his lack of safety. So I sent Oleg to speak Russian with FPS.

Oleg reported that FPS couldn’t talk the walk. When I interviewed the Internet phenom he sounded like a good ‘ole southern boy.

And there you have it: a fake Russian playing with really big guns. Except not in his most recent post, which has him paint-balling his little heart out. Good thing Lucky Gunner’s got him back with serious firepower. Dasvidaniya!


About Ryan Finn

Ryan Finn is the Director of Operations and an Associate Instructor for Montana Tactical Firearms Instruction as well as a contractor for Vanguard Security Consultants when he isn't writing for TTAG. In his free time he is a volunteer firefighter and enjoys spending time in the mountains with his family.

144 Responses to Confirmed: FPS Russia (a.k.a., FPSRussia) Isn’t Russian

  1. avatarMark says:

    one of the tweens that just found out about santa claus and slash?

  2. avatarRalph says:

    Ah, hah! The birthers were right all along.

  3. avatarJohn Fritz says:

    So where does he get all of that firepower he plays with on a regular basis?

    Oh, and FPS stands for…?

    • avatarBart says:

      FPS stands for First Person Shooter. Its a term for a type of video game. He got his start playing video games and uploading those on youtube and worked the guns in later.

      • avatarAnthamneh says:

        In one of his videos, he shows a wall of guns at a gun shop and says that the owner would let him fire them all if he got the store’s site a certain number of hits.

    • avatarRyan says:

      Actually, isn’t FPS RUSSIA some old acronym for the Border Guard Service?

    • avatarKacey says:

      First Person Shooter

  4. avatarFitz19d says:

    I think everyone knew he was not russian. Given all the auto’s etc, I figure he’s the son of either some big manufacturer or major FFL who has a local sheriff that want’s *lots* of things “demonstrated”.

    Either way, great show outside of impressionable use and the ear covers etc.

    • avatarMustangracer94 says:

      he has lots of money and spends a load of it to do the videos but he does get paid a decent amount of money for the videos also he has to do a ton of paperwork and sometimes travel to another state where the gun he is using is legal to fire hints he was going to do a ballistic knife like the one from Call of Duty Black Ops and a lot of law enforcement told him that he could not post the video because the ballistic knife is illegal in all 50 states

  5. avatarRoy Hill says:

    Maybe he hang out in Branson, Missouri, with Yakov Smirnov?

    Yakov really Russian, but accent so thick, it leak off stage and splatter a little bit on FPS?

    He pick up accent there, maybe?

    Sound like good time……shoot machine gun by day, drink vodka and tell bad joke by night.

    Become big Youtube star!

    Vhat a Kounty!

  6. avatarew says:

    Did anyone else notice his attempted slide at around the 1:16 mark of the video?

    It looked like he expected to go sliding all the way to the obstacle…but didn’t.

  7. avatarScott says:

    The man has quite the following on youtube. Since he’s working so hard to ‘brand’ his name, i hope he gets smart and starts selling stuff online (besides his t-shirts). Airsoft/gun accessories or whatever. If you got the foot traffic, capitalize on it and make some dough.

  8. avatarGulliver says:

    so Tony Montana is NOT cuban in real life?!?!?!

  9. avatarknud says:

    hello fps russia it would be cool to see you spend a gattling gun. greeting Focal your biggest fan

  10. avatarJose Serrano says:

    Russian or not PPE or not this kid has made himself into a sensation. Would someone back this kid and get him a show on SPIKE or on discovery after Top shot!!! Of course then he could afford proper PPE!!!!! FPS!!!!

  11. avatarNick says:

    I was a fan of FPSKyle (him without his voice) ages ago. He was a YouTube cod commentator. Sometimes He would pull out a funny russian voice. But of course he isnt russian, although hia new career of shooting guns pays off far more then CoD.

    But yeah, it was a joke, no secret. He also runs a podcast where he talks in his real voice.

  12. avatarNick says:

    If you guys want to hear him without his russian voice, google “Painkiller already”.

    Or search FPSKyle on YouTube

  13. avatarC'mon says:


  14. avatarNikolai says:

    I’d really like to know who this is and who is backing him financially. He’s demonstrated some weaponry on YouTube that is beyond anything that most Class III FFL folks can lay their hands on. And the ammunition? How do you get motar rounds that are not inert? It costs some serious money to play with the stuff that he uses.

    • avatarJerry says:

      I follow him on facebook and he posts a lot of stuff there. He posted this video that explains where and how he gets the stuff. He gets it all from this Company.

  15. avatarAnders says:

    FPSRussia has a thick Hollywood Russian accent :)

    • avatarBoltOfThunder says:

      Hell, his is more understandable then the fake Hollywood version.

      I’m Russian, and I don’t really care. it’s fun to see things blow up and see guns be shoot.

  16. avatarzeek says:

    You’d have to be a really slow person to not realize FPS Russian is just FPS Kyle with a fake accent. He even links to his other channels on some of his YouTube videos!

    Don’t be BEECH

  17. avatarJerome says:

    Ryan finn is a douche, doesnt recognize someone trying to make a living off of youtube. What a cunt.

  18. avatarAnthamneh says:

    On his video “Human Target Range”, you can faintly hear someone call him Kyle around the one minute mark.

  19. avatarJoseph says:

    Fps stands for first person shooter

  20. avatarSSG Butler says:

    of course he isn’t Russian, people watch him because it’s entertaining to watch someone shoot 2liters and fruit and watch them explode. it’s entertaining, who gives a shit if it’s real. it’s ridiculous how jealous some people can be. find something better to do with your time than criticize this guy… petty beeches ;)

  21. avatarCyrusR says:

    The videos are great, period. The accent is entertaining. The article I just read sounds like a jealous child trying to blemish another man’s work. You are a “beech”

  22. avatarLinds says:

    I agree with CyrusR… And the fake accent is pretty damn hot. I watch his videos for that reason alone. Getting to see stuff blow up is just a bonus.

  23. avatarDavid Ahrentz says:

    Its so funny that you guys can’t understand the concept of PERSONAE.

    Its like your gonna cry when you guys find out Hannah Montana is actually Miley Cyrus.

    FPS Russia is FPS Russia be him Kyle or not he is both no matter what.

    And on Ear protection you do not need to protect your ears when you shoot alone because it is the sound from other peoples guns you protect yourself from.

    ——–> Sound goes in the direction you shoot.

    This site tells the thruth about guns? Then why can’t it understand the science behind protecting your ears and the effects of the sound. The dynamic behind it.

  24. avatarbarry says:

    Isn’t FPS Russia also the voice of “The Count” on Sesame Street?

  25. avatarThe Russian Bastard says:

    I realized FPS Russia wasn’t Russian the moment I heard his accent. That is the Borat accent, Russians don’t sound like that. It’s a funny and entertaining accent, but it’s not genuine.

    On top of all that, his written English on his channel seemed perfect, yet in his videos he was making basic grammar mistakes that sounded way too contrived.

    So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure FPS Russia is a character. That doesn’t take anything away from his videos though, don’t let that stop you. I just wish he at least had some Russian blood in him. I’m a quarter Russian myself.

  26. avatardan says:

    Most people knew from the start

  27. avatarBrandon Collette says:

    Hi Ryan, I am hoping you might be able to tell me what song is playing in the back ground of this video? Sorry for the hassle, but it would be great if you could!!

  28. avatarFPSrussia says:

    Just saw this post… you make me laugh and I hope I do the same for all my viewers. How about you send me a list of interview questions and you do a story on that?

  29. avatarLoomy says:

    Are you people serious? Of course FPSRussia isn’t Russian he is a character made up by FPSKyle to be funny, he later was talking on Painkiller Already a popular podcast about guns and decided to do a 360 No-Scope and went from there onto shooting different guns.

  30. avatarD.C.DeVoe says:

    Get this guy? So I get cha-chi he’s my REAL Russian photographer,he and I video out larp sessions and his keen eyes always locate my lightening bolt sand bags when I lose them. So in between whining at the guy for not wearing a helmet when he rides his bike we asked him to translate tolstoy for us…needless to say he failed. So if the fact that he doesn’t wear eye goggles,ear muffs,a hockey mask and a cup while he fires awesome weapon platforms then the fact that he’s not a real Russian doesn’t get rid of him then I don’t know what to do!

  31. avatarMacoder says:

    Of COURSE FPS Russia/ Dimitri/ Kyle isn’t Russian! He even has videos where he talks in his normal voice on his channel :P He’s, quite frankly, just freaking acting. OH MY GOSH, Angelina Jolie ISN’T a Russian Spy and Tom Cruise ISN’T a secret government agent!!! WHAT!?! And just so you know, Kyle has a flamethrower, mortar launcher, crossbow with exploding bolts, and much more. People like guns, he’s freaking hilarious, and he’s informative. That’s why he has more viewers. Give the guy a break!

  32. avatarDobby says:

    He’s not Russian? ‘gasps’ THE HORROR!!

    How dare he debase that lovely country with his USA’ian ways! Damn those Southern bas.. Ooooo, is that an AA12 I spy? ^ ^

    Above is typical reaction of the general population. Especially in Aus.

    Who cares about his accent, which country he was originally born in, which bloodline he chooses to follow. He. Has. Big. Guns.

  33. avatarJimmy says:

    Wow, everybody knew this. Especially his early fans like I. He wanted to stay in character for new comers who would probably get upset had they known that it is just a character. So you are no detective, you’re not cool or smart about finding this out. And I am pretty sure Kyle makes sure that him and if there are any camera crew/people around they are safe. And he has started using protection. So where is the harm? He has millions of fans in which he provides. , FREE mind you, entertainment. Go look up a channel called fpskyle you ignorant internet editor and why not some of the early fpsrussia videos that make it obvious. Besides. I’m sure all you wanted was to attract angry fans for attention and site traffic. And in that, you were successful, good day sir.

  34. avatarMandi says:

    I refuse to believe this.

  35. avatarpaul F says:

    It is so funny the effort people put up to put something online that no one cares about. FPS Russia is watched because he is funny, entertaining and his videos are awesome. Who gives a crap if it’s just a character he is portraying on his videos. Oh, and by the way, if you would have done research, you would know this isn’t something he hides. He even goes on a pod cast with his real name FPS Kyle and drops the accent. It’s a character not a conspiracy. Go find something better to do with your time. I agree about the important use of PPE, but the other slander you are trying to do?? lame

  36. avatarChris says:

    He stars on the painkilleralready CoD themed podcast, as FPS Kyle, his real name. And he’s definitely not russian, but anyone who is a true fan would know that already.

  37. avatarThe moth says:

    Who cares. He shoots badass guns. I don’t give a flying F if he’s Russian, Polish, American or a moon man. I don’t care if he wears hearing protection or just rips his ears off altogether. Just keep the guns coming.

  38. avatarNewt Gringrech says:

    If you really had to go out of your way and meet this guy in real life to find out if hes Russian or not, then you sir don’t know how to properly use the internet’s resources.

    • avatarfpsrussia says:

      I was in LA last week… you could have met me there!

      • avatarFPS Serbia says:

        @FPSRussia But did they meet you there. I would remember such an interview.

        • avatarFPSRUSSIA says:

          So many haters with no talent ;) Make a video of your best shots, something crazy or anything with guns and lets see how many people like your shit

        • avatarBen Lazowski says:

          Do you ever come to Minnesota?

        • avatarJoe lavigne says:

          Lol …u tell him everyone all ways has something bad to say …hell he probley hates guns also ….lol ….so u a machine gun dealer ?…I also have a bunch of machine guns I grew up shooting I love it I think everyone should have then they would under stand that guns aren’t so bad lol my hk was thinking it might be worth becoming a dealer???….good day

  39. avatarUseYourNoggins says:

    Firstly, I’d like to say… who cares!? Either way, he is entertaining.

    Anyway… though I do not care either way, I do have to point out that all of you are ASSUMING he is not Russian solely because of what you have heard* and what you may think*. Here are a few things I just wanted to put out there so your sweet little noggins will wonder instead of assume. There is a good possibility that FPSKyle and FPSRussia are NOT the same person. First off, Dimitri has posted a few videos where he’s mentioned a certain group of friends. One of them being Kyle. Both Kyle and Dimitri have mentioned that this group of friends ALL post videos to the FPSRussia account (as stated by Kyle in this video: ). Also, there are a few videos of Dimitri filmed by other people where he is not the main focus of the video and you can hear him talking with friends in the background with his Russian accent. I’m sure if it was all an act, he wouldn’t speak to his friends in the accent- just wouldn’t be necessary. Another thing that is a pretty dead giveaway is that they don’t even have the same voice! I’m not talking about accent. I’m talking about how Kyle’s voice is higher than Dimitri’s. If you hear someone fake an accent, though their dialect changes, the pitch of their voice usually will not (unless they intentionally do it). Sure, Kyle could be deepening his voice to create the “Dimitri” character, but I doubt he’d go through the trouble, nor would he be able to keep it consistant. There are just no similarities between their voices. That alone baffles me; if they don’t even sound similar, why the heck would anyone just assume that they are the same person? Just because they have “FPS” in front of their name and post to the same account? Again, “FPSRussia” on YouTube is a SHARED account. Why isn’t anyone saying that Dimitri is a character of one of the other guys? Because they are lesser known than Kyle? Makes sense to me! Before people assume and believe anything they hear, they should do their own research (if they really care that much). Not saying that what I’m saying is correct at all, so before you jump up and down and get your little “beech” panties up in a bunch, let me reitterate: I’M NOT SAYING I’M RIGHT. These are just some things I wanted to point out. Stop assuming. It’s not important anyway. He entertains. That’s enough to keep me subscribed :)

  40. avatarFPS Britain says:

    Why do you insist on trying to bash Russian? I doubt you had an interview with him, I SERIOUSLY doubt you know what you are talking about, and I truly hope you get a life that is not bashing foreigners simply due to the fact that they have more fans than you, and are ready for zombies and anything else to come their way.
    It really is ridiculous that you think you can type up a quick blog and ruin a youtube idle type. Even if he was NOT Russian, would his audience care? NO! They adore him as a person, as a fire arm user, and as the RUSSIAN he is.
    That is all, Britain, has to say about this. Don’t try and tell me off for voicing my view. It never works, I am sure you will anyways…BUT, know that I don’t care about the last word said, and that I am going to leave now and live my life.

  41. avatarlyko says:

    it’s cool you confirmed it (I guess? Hopefully it doesn’t hurt his fan base), but I knew he was southern from the the first time I ran into his stuff on YT. I’m a southerner , so could just tell. I don’t know where exactly he’s from though. Wish I knew him. He’s so hot and knows his sh-t with guns. If the SHTF here in the US he’d be someone I’d want to have contact with.

    Lyko , NC

  42. avatarReality Check says:

    FPSRussia is not Russian.
    The people on EpicMealTime do, in fact, eat veggies.
    The old guy at the mall during the winter time is, in fact, not Santa Claus.
    There is no such thing as the Easter Bunny.
    Unicorns do not exist.
    The cake is a lie.

    Hopefully I will not see any articles about the last 5 on this website because then I will know that all the writers are gullible fools.

  43. avatarJohn Laredo says:

    Who cares if he isent russian, hes still awesome so dont bash him for trying to entertain/educate people on youtube. Why does it matter if he is russian or not? As for the not wearing earplugs or safety glasses, alot of people dont. If some one chooses not to wear them, fine. Its their god given right to choose not to do so and to bash on him like that just because you dont like him and write an article about it make you a faciest! So, poshel na hui!

  44. Just because you don’t have an accent or speak russian dosen’t make you less russian. Look at me, I live in Novosibirsk for 20 years, yet 10 year later all i know in russian is how to say “hello, i’m sascha”

  45. Dear FPS Russian: never have I met a true Russian with as much body fat and muscle as yourself. And never have I met a true Russian with as near-perfect grammar as you, young man. And NEVER have I met a true Russian with the finances to use all these fantastic weapons. Therefore, FAKE Russian. Have at it if it boosts your views, but someone tried talking to you in Russian and you had no clue what they said. So…иди в жопу.

  46. avatarambeastyc says:

    just because he cant speak Russian doesn’t mean that he’s not Russian because i’m Italian and i have an Italian accent and i can’t speak Italian but with my accent you would think i would be able to speak Italian

  47. avatar3 year fan of Russia's says:

    you guys (the writer of this post and whoever else can’t figure this out) are freaking idiots, if you had done just a TINY BIT of research, you could have figured this out without making fools of yourselves, every thursday he does a podcast called Painkiller Already with 2 other youtubers that post call of duty videos, in the podcast he uses his real voice and occasionally brings in his Demitri personality.

  48. avatarthe real spfs russian says:

    all u fags who say i’m not russian are completly right

  49. avatarthe real spfs russian says:

    i fail at life trying to be russian

  50. avatarthe real spfs russian says:

    im a stupid BEECH

  51. avatarNINRussian says:

    BTW Ryan, it’s “do svidaniya”, not ‘Dasvidaniya’. (Dasvidaniya was a 2008 Hindi film) … :o)-¦—‹3<

  52. avatarbig-EASY88 says:

    Duh. You guys had to research that? lol. Search FPS Kyle to hear his real accent

  53. avatarRayyan Barakat says:

    You don’t need to know the language to be from somewhere -.- i’m from an arabic country and can’t speak arabic

    • avatarokkk says:

      You are not arab unless you speak arabic. The shirt fpsrussia wearing with bin laden, I wonder what will be the reaction if it was an arabic or muslim person wearing it.. Just a thought.

  54. avatarwill says:

    I suspect strongly that FPS Russia is not Russian, HOWEVER, you cannot say it is confirmed unless you post proof. So don’t be beech.

  55. avatarSandy says:

    Guys, really? I don’t care if he’s a Martian, I like his work. He’s funny and makes me laugh like hell. Congratulations FPS Russian, you made a lot of people jeleous which is the 1st sign of real success. Keep up the good work. I’ll be happy to host you in Jacksonville, FL any time. Sandy, USA (retired SF)

  56. avatarfps fan says:

    Fpsrussia is a real russian.
    My teacher is a russian to you can here it on here accent, the accent of Fpsrussia is the same!
    So Fpsrussia is real

  57. avatarkindra says:

    lol Why are so many people offended by this? I mean, you’re reasons for saying he isn’t Russian aren’t that great, but it’s true. His name is Kyle and yes, he is Dmitri. It’s a persona, not a different person.

  58. The first time I ever saw FPS Russia’s videos, I knew he wasn’t a real Russian. I am American, but learned to speak Russian and studied it for several years. Regardless, he is incredibly entertaining. My only complaint is that he wastes an awful lot of sodas. I’m always real thirsty when I watch his videos. If you expect to learn firearms safety from a You Tube video, then you don’t need a gun anyway. So, quit taking life so seriously. Also, his videos aren’t intended for children, so they shouldn’t be watching them anyway.

  59. avatarJacob says:

    I D C if he’s russian or not. His videos are awesome and entertaining. Why do you care if he’s REALLY russian or not? It’s just a video. He doesn’t care, he makes hundreds of Ks per year, so your opinion is virtually worthless to him.

  60. oh my GOD… are you serious?

    I hate to break the news to you also, but Morgan Freeman was never really a US President, Tom Cruise isn’t really a super-secret triple agent spy, and Tom Hanks wasn’t really stranded on an island for 5 years.

    It’s called acting, it’s called entertainment, it’s called a persona. He created a show, he created a personality and he does an amazing job of entertaining people. You know how many millions of people get to escape the boring grind of their everyday lives, and spend 5 minutes watching him blow stuff up, shoot advanced weapons, make a bunch of noise and have a bunch of fun? Obviously quite a lot.

    Who gives a shit if he’s not really Russian? (besides the author obviously) He puts on a humorous, over the top accent to entertain people and he makes great videos for people to watch.

    I hope he makes hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars making his videos. He’s earned it and his numbers reflect that. Wasting all your time pecking out these nonsense blogs like you discovered something. Fella we already knew, welcome to 2 years ago….

  61. avatarObersturmfuhrer says:

    @TechPB-Mike: Are you serious bro? Get off your soap-box, take a few Xanax and shut your rathole. Try Googling “Is FPS Russia..” and you’ll see the search results for yourself. People want to know. Why do they want to know? Who cares! Because it’s fun!! I wanted to know, just like millions of others. It’s called curiosity, a natural emotion that us humans display to learn from one another. Try it sometime, you’ll like it. And don’t bash something that tens upon thousands, hundreds of thousands, are querying about.

    • avatarRick Hampton says:

      And you know TechPB-Mike had to ask the same question or odds are he wouldn’t have made it to this page….

      • avatartitoink says:

        that’s so true!!! hahahahah TechPB-Mike is such an aass! hahaahah

      • avatarLAGunBroker says:

        Hate to break it to you but I just did a search on when FPSRussia’s next video would be out and it brought me to this page. The only reason I even checked it out is because I find most of the articles on the site to be hogwash. The one they posted on the Saiga 12ga is a good example. Do I care if he is Russian? Not at all. Anyone who would listen to his speech closely would know right away he is acting, but still doing a good job. I know a few genuine Russians and they just about always refer to Russia as the Mother Land, FPSRussia never has. There’s lots of details that give him away but he is doing what he sets out to do, which is providing entertaining videos showing people weapons they would otherwise never see or hear of.
        I don’t think most people care of this young man from Georgia is actually Russian or not, they just enjoy watching his videos and would love to be asked to join in on the fun. The ones who are asking the question are usually jealous and want to find anything they can try to hurt his credibility with. Now in FPSRussia’s own words “Have a Nice Day”.

    • avatarmike says:

      and if people really followed fpsrussia they would know he isnt russian because hes admitted twice plus that mw2 video where he and fps kyles gay persona fpsbrian or whatever it was did a dual commentary i mean honestly how my people with youtube account would start it with fps and all know eachother? this has been common knowledge for like 3 years now he admitted to not being russian before mw2 came out which was what 2009?

  62. avatarFriday says:

    FPS Russia should actually go to Russia for some videos! he can become an Honorary Russian if they like him!

  63. avatarJN says:

    Wow, I really thought he was Russian. I don’t know anything about the culture so I couldn’t tell. lol. Anyways, I guess you can say it ruins the integrity of the whole thing. But like everyone says his videos are fucken entertaining!

  64. avatarFPS Russia says:

    Не имеет значения, где его родной стране. Он развлечений и один миллион последователей, как Этот Человек. Вы русском FPS человека. Как всегда имеют хороший день.

    • avatarSteve says:

      я тоже можете использовать Google Translate. Lol jk. The FPS part gave it away. Otherwise it would look like: фпс

  65. avatarLMAO says:

    LOL…well spoken, dude. “Have nice day!”

  66. avatarCowboy T says:

    I watched a few of his videos. That guy is hilarious! However, in the videos I watched, he was wearing eye and ear protection, so that’s a good thing. Dude’s a Georgia boy, and I don’t mean the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, either. :-) He’s a Southern-boy USA fella who happens to like that particular persona. Just have fun with it and enjoy his vids. And, as always…

    Have nice day!

  67. avatarkblow1 says:

    i must admit, i was curious about the russian thing, but that’s only because i think fpsrussia is pretty damn hot!! so naturally, as one of his loyal female fans, i wanted to know more about him….
    unsure why else the russian thing would matter or be of interest, especially to other men? and as always,..(everyone is entitled to their own worthless opinion.)

  68. avatarHaterShades:On says:

    So? Does this negate the internet value of watching things “go boom” and “go bang” on the internet? Seriously, man…

  69. avatarChaiyz says:

    WTF… So you mean to tell me that Tom Hanks is not a shimpin boat captain? WTF????

  70. avatarLOL says:

    FPSRussia делает хорошее видео.
    Кто дает себя трахнуть?

  71. avatarGino says:

    Larry the Cable guy isn’t really from the south either and he really doesn’t have a southern accent. It’s an act, a very entertaining act. Who cares? What I would love to know is, where the hell does FPS Russia get all his firepower? Does he have a deal with the military or something?

    • avatarpaul says:

      this is actualy suprisingly real he ships them from cuba to somewere in europe and from there to the US i got this from one of his friends woodysgamertag

      • avatarLAGunBroker says:

        Your friends friend who knows a friend was wrong. FPSRussia (Kyle) doesn’t own all the guns he use in his videos. Most are on loan from friends, local dealers and people who just want to see their weapon in one of his videoa. Trust me if he owned all the weapons in his videos (50 cal M2, Mini Gun, 20mm recoiless rifle, APC’s, etc, etc) he would have millions invested. I’m sure he has a nice collection but don’t let your friend bullshit you into believe he owns all the guns he uses. Also why have the guns shipped to Europe when you can buy them right here in the US? And anytime you involve Cuba in “ANY” type of deal you are asking for problems. Just enjoy the quality videos he produces and as always “Have A Nice Day.

  72. avatarFilmshooter says:

    Damn, everybody stop overreacting. He just met the guy and wanted to figure out if he was actually Russian, which, unsurprisingly, he turned out not to be. Nowhere in the post did he complain that this makes the whole thing a lying farce unworthy of being watched; he just chose to question and delve into the reality behind the video rather than take everything at the face value it is offered up, but don’t mind me, passive escapism is great, too!

  73. avatarFakerHater says:

    FPS Russia is exactly what is wrong with America. Ignorance and misinformation is what FPS Russia relies on because he knows what he is doing is wrong and unsafe. The real question is what group is behind FPS Russia and why do they want this guy to portray unsafe and extremely dangerous behavior weapon and explosives as though it were safe for anyone to perform such idiotic practuces.

    • avatarE90x says:

      it’s called entertainment. why do we watch movies with zombies, killing, sex, ect… it’s for our viewing pleasure. don’t like it? then don’t watch it. it’s that easy.

    • avatarLAGunBroker says:

      Did you run out of your Antipsychotic drugs? It’s called entertainment. I guess you stand outside the movie theaters protesting movies like The Expendables, Die Hard, The A Team? There are a lot more dangerous actions in these than FPSRussia has ever shown. Now about those explosions. He uses a binary powder that be hit with a high powered round before it will explode, And get this! They are completely legal to buy, I have a few cases myself. If you are so freaking concerned about kids learning bad or dangerous habit then stop doing like the other lazy idiots that do nothing but complain. Get off your butt and teach your kids proper gun safety. My 12 year old son watches these videos but you will never see him popping off rounds with my Saiga 12ga without hearing and eye protection, why you might ask? Because I taught he proper gun safety. Now Have a Nice Day.

    • avatarmike says:

      unsafe? he shoots explosives from appropriate distances, hes not firing in the direction of any civilian, he wears protection, everything he does could probably be seen done at a military base. hes on his land shooting weapons he either owns or is loaned by a gun company, if it wasnt safe gun companies wouldnt sponsor him. get over yourself

  74. avatarSanchanim says:

    LMAO you answered a question I was wondering about! Thanks..
    To that end…
    I like watching FPS Russia. Why you may ask?
    I am a safety conscious, ex military like guns kind of person so why watch him?

    Well I like seeing guns, learning a little history of the firearm and getting to watch him blow stuff up! It is entertainment, nothing more. I could never own or even get a chance to handle some of the antique guns like the MP44 or some of the high end stuff, sniper rifles, at least not now that I am a civilian. But having said that I don’t expect to learn gun safety from him, or anything else. I get to drool over some really cool technology from a military tech side of things, and get to watch him do silly things etc.

  75. avatarmike says:

    1st off he said it himself that he wasnt russian like 3 years ago this is old news its one of fpskyles youtube peronas. since he realized how much more hype he was getting over making gun videos rather then him playing video games he deleted all the video game footage off of his account and started strictly making gun videos. so get over it hes not russian hes from georgia oh well this site likes to shit on him alot. one he does this for entertainment and money, more then likely alot more money then any of you bloggers writing pieces on him who are too inexperienced to even do research to know that him not being russian is common knowledge i mean he did a prank call with his russian accent on woodysgamertag’s pka blog. and all these other posts talking about him being irresponsible with guns every video (that ive watched) hes wearing eye protection and for the not as loud guns even though you cant see it hes probably wearing ear plugs in replacement of ear muffs. and besides most firearms would be fired in sd so id recommend firing your weapon a few times without ear protection so if there ever was an instance of having to fire your weapon at a home invader you wont stun yourself by not being prepared for the noise. anyways get a life and stop bashing people for common knowledge and providing entertainment

  76. avatarmike says:

    1st off he said it himself that he wasnt russian like 3 years ago this is old news its one of fpskyles youtube peronas. since he realized how much more hype he was getting over making gun videos rather then him playing video games he deleted all the video game footage off of his account and started strictly making gun videos. so get over it hes not russian hes from georgia oh well this site likes to shit on him alot. one he does this for entertainment and money, more then likely alot more money then any of you bloggers writing pieces on him who are too inexperienced to even do research to know that him not being russian is common knowledge i mean he did a prank call with his russian accent on woodysgamertag’s pka blog. and all these other posts talking about him being irresponsible with guns every video (that ive watched) hes wearing eye protection and for the not as loud guns even though you cant see it hes probably wearing ear plugs in replacement of ear muffs. and besides most firearms would be fired in sd so id recommend firing your weapon a few times without ear protection so if there ever was an instance of having to fire your weapon at a home invader you wont stun yourself by not being prepared for the noise. anyways get a life and stop bashing people for common knowledge and providing entertainment so get over yourselves

  77. avatarRealRussian says:

    Во бля, а я тоже думал, что он земляк. Ну стреляет неплохо, хотя стакан водки ему и всё стало бы ясно.

  78. avatarrob says:

    ummmm…yeah…wtf is wrong with being an irresponsible gun owner? irresponsibility = F U N …responsibility = B-O-R-I-N-G Hello? My gun…my property my rules FUCK YOU …and imitating a russian? …and pulling it off? Bwahahahahhaha that just goes to show you the utter stupidity of Americans….Americans will believe just about anything you tell them…Oh…why do I not want to learn how to land the plane??? Oh I already learned that at the OTHER flight school…yeah….well let’s just get off of our little soapbox there wtf? are you the goddamn morality police now? Hell check out my facebook that’ll keep ya busy with morality issues…ya jagoff….c ya fuckers…. Oh btw….nothing personal….I’m just in a mood…and you just happened to write something that irritated me a LITTLE…. :) imagine if you had really pissed me off?+

  79. avatara470401 says:

    I’ve said that least 470401 times. SCK was here

  80. avatarStrela-Smerti says:

    я сразу заметил что он обычный пиндос, и нет на нем Сталина))

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  83. avatarclick link says:

    I delight in, result in I discovered exactly what I was looking for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  84. avatarJosh says:

    Did you JUST find out?

  85. avatarMachine says:

    I sent out a comment on his youtube video.Well,not even 3 mins later,I decided to send another,well I was banned from posting comments.All I said:this guy is from Georgia,go South lol.Well,I got pissed,and signed up for a different screen name.Well,this time 5 mins later I was banned.So,I did it again and again,but this time now,all posters need to wait for comments.This guy is a fake,and I hope Law Enforement catches up with him.

  86. avatarlol says:

    Just because someone doesn’t speak the language doesn’t mean they are not of that heritage. I’m 100% Italian, I speak little to no Italian yet I have an Italian accent, in fact, I speak English and Gaeilge (Irish). I’m not saying he is or is not Russian but that reasoning is beyond asinine. I mean it is just out of this world stupid.

    I have a friend who says he’s Irish yet he can’t speak Gaeilge. Maybe you can give me a hand and use your amazing skills of deduction to figure out whether he really is Irish based purely on his inability to speak the language of his heritage.

  87. avatarMarco says:

    So i’m curious, you didn’t really know he wasn’t actually russian, when everyone knows that his old tag was fpsKYLE (KYLE, K-Y-L-E) seriously dude.. i worry about humanity sometimes.

  88. avatarBlake says:

    So let me get this straight….you dont like him because his internet videos are far more popular than your website. Great journalism. I dont recall him ever actually claiming to be russian.

  89. avatarJordan says:

    I just found out Kyle from fpsrussia lives beside me

  90. avatarTim says:

    So he is a fake! So he is not Russian! What is he? He is entertaining!!! Why do people feel like they have to tear down someone that is successful! FPS Russia has a great show shoots tons of cool weapons and has a cool appearance. So with that being said, F*ck off and leave the guy alone. I think most people already figured out he wasn’t really from Russia but just a cool dude doing cool crap that most of us including yourself Ryan Finn wish they could do. Put a sock in it! and as always, Have a nice Day!

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