Confirmed: FPS Russia (a.k.a., FPSRussia) Isn’t Russian

Imagine my surprise when the mad “Russian” himself strolled into breakfast yesterday. Our favorite IGOTD had shown up at the blogger shoot. I cornered him at the range (where he was wearing muffs and glasses). While he didn’t want any photos or videos taken he agreed to a short interview. After softening him up with some easy questions about the weather, his guns and the intricacies of Baltic cuisine, I asked him a real question: what’s up with the lack of eyes and ears? He responded that he recognized he needed to be wearing PPE and would do so in the future; especially since 20 percent of his viewership is under 18. FPS doesn’t want to set a bad example for the tweens. So, is he Russian? I can definitively report . . .


I was sitting at the breakfast table with ace snapper Oleg Volk. Oleg, a genuine Russian emigre who speak the lingua franca of the old Communist Evil Empire, thought FPS was Russian—because of his lack of safety. So I sent Oleg to speak Russian with FPS.

Oleg reported that FPS couldn’t talk the walk. When I interviewed the Internet phenom he sounded like a good ‘ole southern boy.

And there you have it: a fake Russian playing with really big guns. Except not in his most recent post, which has him paint-balling his little heart out. Good thing Lucky Gunner’s got him back with serious firepower. Dasvidaniya!