According to Google Analytics, The Truth About Guns (TTAG) has dropped about 7000 unique viewers per month. We’re down from last month’s peak of 200k-and-a-bit. More specifically, as of 4:27 pm, we’re generating 193,247 unique viewers per month. The good news: since we trimmed our home page to seven posts (down from ten) and maintained both the quantity and (if I may say) quality of the posts, we’ve upped the average page views to 2.19. Total page views per month . . . .

617,487. Our average time on site continues to climb. We’re up to 3:03. The home page and page two account for the lion’s share of our traffic, with gun reviews and the Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day not-so-close behind.

Once again, thanks to the firearms industry for their continued support. And a big shout-out to TTAG’s writers and our Armed Intelligentsia for their experience, expertise and enthusiasm. I’m proud of what we’ve created here, and we’re only just beginning. Watch this space.

4 Responses to TTAG Traffic Still Upward Bound

  1. Congratulations, Robert. You guys deserve the attention and viewership, without a doubt.

  2. I am waiting for a tshirt.
    It should say “Armed Intelligentsia” across the back, 2nd line “Unique viewer”, and TTAG on the front left breast. Size XLT please.

  3. It will be a lot of fun to see where the continual growth will take this site as the years go by. I’d love a crystal ball peek at TTAG circa 2021. Congratulations on the continued success. The message being presented here is so important.

    And how are those TTAG t-shirts coming along? Ready to buy.

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