The U.S. Border With Mexico is Secure. Not.

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And here’s an indication that Arizona residents know of what they speak, via ” U.S. authorities are investigating a shooting between U.S. Border Patrol agents and an unidentified man who fired at them from the Mexican side of the border near Chimney Park on Tuesday night . . .

As agents tried to stop the alleged smugglers, they heard several shots fired in the immediate area, Huey said. Agents then saw a man on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande pointing a handgun in the agents’ direction, which prompted them to respond by retuning fire, she added.

“Agents are unsure if the subject was struck, however, the firing stopped,” Huey said.

The group traveling on the rafts jumped out and swam back to Mexico, abandoning the watercrafts and the narcotics inside, officials said. Agents were able to recover nearly 500 pounds of marijuana once the rafts were recovered.

No arrests were made and no suspects are in custody in connection with the shooting, Huey said. None of the agents involved in the incident have faced any disciplinary action, she added.

Wait? What? The feds aren’t going to discipline U.S. Border Patrol Agents for making a mockery of President Obama’s declaration that our Southern border is secure? Or did this incident prove his point? Clearly, not a lot of people on the sharp end of the narco-terrorist crime wave are predisposed to that viewpoint.