Ted Nugent is Insane

I agree with everything that Ted Nugent says on the subject of guns. I understand that his “Motor City Madman” persona is just that. The [old] man behind the rock and roll ‘tude is a productive member of society who champions wounded warriors. Ted’s an experienced hunter and a relentless advocate for Second Amendment rights. But deep down inside, I reckon Mr. Nugent is even nuttier than he pretends to be . . .

This image, rightly flagged by the Violence Policy Center as “Ted Nugent’s shared vision of an angry mob of activists from American Hunter,” is way, way out there; in a mondo-messianic maximum militia sort of way.

More than that, it does gun rights advocates in general and hunters in specific no favors. It makes them out to be a bunch of trigger-happy rednecks (i.e. all white guys). The deer hunters will rise again!

Ironically enough, the article is a model of restrained probity. But this image is needlessly, mindlessly inflammatory. As oxymoronic as it sounds, it’s time for Ted to learn how to do that elder statesman of rock and roll thing.