SIG SAUER’s New 1911s

SIG SAUER makes 1911s. Ruger makes 1911s. Well, now they do. As TTAG’s review pointed out, the Ruger SR1911’s Unique Selling Point is its all-American parts and stateside manufacture. Methinks someone at SIG is not happy ceding domesticity to the Arizona mob. The press release for SIG’s 1911 TACPAC and new options on the 1911-22 pistols claims that the guns “combine the American ingenuity of the venerable 1911 platform with SIG SAUER® refinements that enhance the pistol’s accuracy while still maintaining superior reliability.” Ingenious? A hundred years ago, sure. Superior reliability? Compared to what? Besides . . .

in the intervening century SIG has made some extraordinary advancements on the pistol-makers’ art. While I’m about as big a fan of their DA – SA (Double Action – Single Action) trigger as I am of  rapper Soulja Boy, there’s no question that SIG’s got game. Their modular P250‘s way cool. SIG’s polymeric grip (adapts to the hand) gets precious little ink, but I’d have one in a heartbeat.

Anyway, the New Hampshire-based outfit is happy to ditch cutting edge mystique for some of that entry-level 1911 goodness. So it’s a bundle of fun! More specifically . . .

This kit provides everything a shooter needs to enjoy a day at the range. Included is a full-size SIG SAUER® 1911 pistol with or without the option of an accessory rail. The .45ACP pistols feature a stainless slide, durable Nitron® finish, low-profile sights and Ergo® XT polymer grips.

The railed version of the TACPAC allows shooters to quickly mount lights or the included CPL-1® compact laser. Two magazines are standard in this kit. The non-railed TACPAC features the more traditional look of a 1911 and comes with three magazines.

A match-grade barrel, hammer and sear set are mated to a lightweight, solid aluminum trigger. A SIG SAUER® roto-paddle holster with integrated magazine pouch, Allen wrench, speed loader, and hard carry case round out the package. The TACPAC is the perfect all-in-one kit to equip those who may be purchasing their first 1911.

I reckon they missed a BIG opportunity here. SIG should have appealed to African American first-time 1911 owners and called their new gun the TUPAC edition.

Be that as it be, the TACPAC will set newbies back a cool Grover ($1000) at full retail. That’s a lot of green for someone taking their first sip of the John Moses Browning-flavored Kool-Aid.

Alternatively, there is another option for patriotic gun buyers for whom need the letters “US” on their 1911.

For shooters seeking a more economically friendly way to commemorate the 1911, SIG SAUER® introduces two new versions of the popular 1911-22® rimfire pistol. Chambered in the economical 22LR, the 1911-22® now features a more traditional, military-style finish. Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab models join the standard 1911-22®, giving users an opportunity to own the classic 1911 platform chambered for .22LR. The 1911-22® includes “U.S.” engraved walnut grips to further enhance the historical military appearance.

Built to the same dimensions as the full-size 1911, the 1911-22® features a lightweight metal frame and slide, low-profile three-dot sights, working grip safety and ambidextrous thumb safety, making the 1911-22® a perfect training tool for 1911 fans as well as a fun plinking pistol for all ages.

Caliber .45ACP
Magazine Capacity 8
Trigger Pull SAO: 5.0 lb Average
Overall Length 8.7″
Overall Height 5.5″
Overall Width 1.4″
Barrel Length 5.0″
Sight Radius 6.5″
Sights Low-Profile Sights
Weight w/ Magazine 41.6 oz
Frame Material Stainless
Frame Finish Nitron®
Slide Material Stainless
Slide Finish Nitron®
Grips Hogue® Ergo XT Polymer
MSRP $998