Obscure Object of Desire: Gemini Customs Ruger SP101

You may recall that TTAG reviewed the Ruger SP101 3” as a potential newbies’ first gun. I looked to the stainless steel Ruger revolver for four reasons: ease of operation, low-recoil (comfortable range time), .38/.357  caliber (economical practice and devastating stopping power) and more-than-merely-adequate accuracy (three-inch barrel). Three factors prevented the SP101 from earning the ultimate “start here” accolade: the lack of a bobbed hammer (for concealed carry), lousy sights (barely visible front blade and a mostly useless rear channel) and a trigger that can’t match a Smith’s smooth crispness. So I sent the SP101 to Gemini Customs . . .

Mark bobbed the hammer, installed an XS Big Dot Sight and smoothed-out the trigger. Just for fun (and money), he swapped out the Ruger’s industrial quality rubber grips for something a bit more swish and blacked the gun. Et voila! Full review to follow. Meanwhile, the Smith and Wesson competitor has arrived.