The rabbi sent me this pic of the NRA range in New Mexico. Lucky bastard.

5 Responses to Non-Incendiary Image of the Day: Heaven’s Where You Find It Edition

  1. This looks like the Whittington Ranch in NM. I was fortunate to instruct on the pistol line for NRA’s Women’s Wilderness Escape in 09 and agin in 10 thus spent almost 2 weeks at the Whitt in the “Founders Cabins” each year. It really is a magnificent place!

  2. I’ve never owned a HP handgun but wanted to see what others were saying about the manufacturer in case I decide to purchase one. Holy shit all you guys are funny , I actually read through alot of the reviews cause they were so entertaining. I’m surprised by people getting so upset when sometime comments negative about HP or vice versa. It’s like you feel as if they’re insulting you for owning a cheap ASS gun. I’m telling you right now I’d buy one just cause of the price if I didn’t like it I’d sell it or return it. Hi Point should be happy to have so many advocates.

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