Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan: Castle Doctrine Kills Cops


“All Republican Rep. Tony Cornish wants is for every Minnesotan to be able to shoot first and ask questions later if they find an intruder in their homes, and he’s getting damned testy about the top cops from Minnesota’s largest cities standing in his way. Why don’t they love America like he does?” blogs.citypages.com blogger Hart Van Denburg is being sarcastic. The bill simply extends MN’s existing “castle doctrine”—no legal obligation to withdraw from a lethal threat in one’s home—to garages, cars, decks, tents, boats or overnight accommodations . . .

The bill does not “lessen the burden” of proof on an armed citizen to establish the fact that there was a credible lethal threat when they discharged their firearm. A fact that makes Dolan look idiotic.

But not as idiotic as State Sen. John Harrington, DFL-St. Paul: “I don’t think we should expect our law enforcement, our peace officers, our sheriffs to have to be able to look both ways when they’re chasing a bad guy through the back yards.”

Note: there are plenty of states where citizens have the right to defend their lives and the lives of their loved ones and innocent bystanders without a “duty to retreat” from their immediate environment. The law has not led to a bloodbath for cops. Just sayin’.