Lever Fever Hits TTAG Thursday Get-Together (8:30 – 10pm American Firearms School)

Just two more days until TTAG’s Get-Together at The American Firearms School, Attleboro, MA. [Click here for directions]. I’ve rented out the entire range from 8:30 – 10pm. I’m pleased to announce that a box-fresh Marlin 1894c (.357 lever gun) will make the scene. As will the Rabbi and our resident hard-ass JOE MATAFOME. We’ll also offer the following firearms for your dining and dancing pleasure free of charge (save the ammo):

Smith & Wesson Bone Collector (Thank you JOE)
Scoped Smith & Wesson 686
Smith & Wesson Model 75 Carry Comp
MPA Protector .380
NEW Ruger SR1911
Jim Clarkson Bowling Pin 1911
Colt 1903
Star-Spangled Springfield XD(m) 3.8 9mm (a.k.a. Liberty Gun)
Springfield XD(m) .45
Benelli M2