Friday’s the deadline for applicants who aspire to be Season 4’s Top Shot. Rest assured, I sent in my app, looking to represent OFWGs who’ve never served a day in the military. I’m thinking about making a video for the producers, but something tells me I don’t have a chance against people like this: a fast-talking OCD former bull-rider turned nuclear engineer who’s happy to tell the world that he crashed his motorcycle (and spent some time in a coma) when he went off his meds. A man who plans on winning by not being last. Over to you CUJO.

17 Responses to America’s Next Top Shot is A Ferret Jacked-Up on Cappuccinos. Or Not.

  1. Less talk. More shoot. Oh, and I want that range closer to my house. I’m sick of paper targets only, no rapid fire, no .50 BMG (not that I have the gear to violate that last rule…)

  2. I’m thoroughly exhausted after watching that.

    I vote no, based on the fact that it was a Neos… and no other particularly valid reason.

  3. Next month he’ll ride his motorcycle from New York to Paris in under twelve hours while holding his breath. Impressive indeed.

  4. I’ve got him beat. I remember so many weapon systems because I have one of those Pornographic Memories!

      • Thanks for the link, Robert. I will put in later, this cut off is today. I just started pain management for the migraines/cracked eye socket-I’ve been on morphine for 4 days now. Once I have control, then I start training up again. I already started working on my wavemaster kick bag. My bulldog attacks the face for me every time I knock it over!

  5. Got to 1:08 and had to stop because my heart rate was climbing listening to this guy. I will give you two words that spell out why this guy can not be top shot. Breathing control.

  6. This reminds me-does The Deadliest Warrior come on anymore? I loved when they had the comparison of LAPD SWAT and GSG 9 weapons.

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