Incendiary Video of the Day: ‘Is Tropical’ Music Video Edition

Kids these days. When I was their age, we wrote, produced and filmed a series of home made movies, too. Spy action flicks and evil possessed babies. We also walked fifteen miles to school. Up hill each way. And we liked it! This was way back in the pre-video tape (not to mention music video) days. We used Super-8 film and some decent editing. And our special effects consisted of a mouth full of ketchup and a cigarette tucked in a plastic gun barrel to simulate smoke.

This shows some real effort and imagination. And there’s a certain coolness to the project. I’m not sure how much the kids did and how much was done by “grown ups.” And it could be meant as a statement against violence. But I have to confess to being a little disturbed by this. I’m no prude. And yes, all of the violence here is of the Roger Rabbit-style animated kind. But the Peckinpahesque level of firearms mayhem with jets of blood and gore are more than this parent is comfortable with coming from nine year-olds. Now get off of my lawn!