UK Cops Confiscate Farmer’s Shotgun “Just in Case”

“Tracy St Clair Pearce, 50, [above] was confronted by four men carrying a chainsaw and a knife, who warned her they would kill her cattle at her farm in Colchester, Essex,” reports. “She called police late on Good Friday to report the threat, but was left gobsmacked [surprised] when officers took 35 minutes to get to her home, before telling her they would confiscate her shotguns.” The local constabulary confirmed the pre-emptive policing maneuver. “Inspector Jim White of Essex Police said: ‘In order to prevent any public order incidents, and to keep members of the public safe, we obtained a warrant to remove firearms.” Go figure. I reckon Trace took the hump at the Old Bill for doing sweet FA about the “travelers” (11 call outs) and gave Plod a right earful. Rather than nick her, they took her gun.