Speer Gold Dot .22WMR Personal Protection Round

“The newest addition to the Gold Dot Short Barrel family is a .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire self defense round,” Speer announces like a proud papa. “These hollow points provide reliable expansion, deep penetration and low recoil. Personal protection and home security scenarios require accuracy and reliability.” Expansion, penetration, accuracy, reliability and . . . stopping power. Which, it must be said, is not the first thing you think of when you think of a .22 caliber bullet . . .

In fact, “inexpensive” is the word one hears most often from shooters talking about .22 cal. Which, I’m thinking, this round will not be. Relative to “normal” .22s. But then if you’re shooting someone with a .22 you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Help is on the way! According to Speer, the new round offers “consistent feeding and functioning when users need it most.” Roger that. That whole non-firing ammo thing can really hum up the works duyring an armed self-defense.

All kidding aside (as if), we should also point out (and so we will) that there are recoil intolerant shooters amongst us who can only handle a .22: the young, old and infirm. Why should they be denied the best possible odds of stopping a perp from perping?

Plenty of people have been killed by .22s; some of them on purpose. More by other calibers, obviously. But shooting the Bad Guy with a .22’s better than throwing a table lamp. Although I’ve yet to see the table lamp self-defense stats . . .

LEWISTON, Idaho – April 13, 2011 – Speer® introduces a new Gold Dot® Short Barrel® Personal Protection offering. The .22 Win. Mag. hollow point rounds provide reliable expansion and penetration for use in self defense situations. These new rimfire options are now available.

Gold Dot Standard of Personal Protection
Speer Gold Dot has gained a reputation for high-performance ammunition and brings Personal Protection rounds to the rimfire platform for the first time. The Gold Dot’s reliable expansion and toughness make it suitable for the smaller 22 Win Mag. Those carrying popular handguns chambered in this make-sense caliber now have a go-to option for self defense situations.

Short Barrel, Strong Performance
These loads are designed for compact rimfire handguns and specific self defense applications. A large cavity ensures maximum expansion and terminal ballistics at reduced velocities. Consistent 10 to 11-inch penetration was achieved in factory testing–in barrels as short as two inches.

“We wanted to design a self defense option that catered to the rimfire platform,” said Brand Director Rick Stoeckel. “We engineered these rounds for effective expansion and consistent functioning in close-quarter situations–where performance is absolutely critical.”

To learn more about the new rounds, view other Gold Dot® offerings, or check out the entire lineup of Speer ammunition, visit www.Speer-Ammo.com

Part No. and Description
0954 22 WMR 40-grain Gold Dot Short Barrel hollow point 1050 fps