SIG SAUER SIG716 Precision Marksman for $2199

Did you know that the prices of guns are set to rise? One of our friends in the industry gave us the heads-up the other day, confirmed with a few phone calls to his rivals. The escalating cost of fuel is leading gunmakers to add a shipping charge to their products, which gun dealers will no doubt pass on to their customers. At the moment, we’re talking about $40 max per piece. Which is still a big deal for low-margin manufacturers in a hugely competitive industry. And consumers. “A lot of these guys can’t afford these rifles, you know,” our ballistic contact told TTAG. “They hide their purchases from their wives.” Nu-uh! We hide the price tag. “Oh that? That’s for ammo. I gotta have ammo.” And now, perhaps, this $2199 piston-operated .308 Win caliber Precision Marksman SIG. Alternatively, consider the $1866 Patrol Version shown after the jump . . .

Both images come to us from, who has the full specs and the prices but not the launch date. If he wants a lunch date, I can oblige (see you in Pittsburgh?). Otherwise, watch that space.