Rossi Circuit Judge. Just Because They Can.

I know what you’re thinking: what were they thinking? Who needs a lever action single action revolver on a stick with a Picatinny rail? As Kentucky Packrat points out below, what does the Rossi Circuit Judge do that a lever rifle can’t—other than complicate matters and shoot 3″ .410 shotshells? The temptation here is to launch impeachment proceedings against the new Rossi Circuit Judge, or at least file an appeal against Taurus’ decision to build it to a higher court. But there is no higher court than than the court of public opinion. Either Rossi’s rifle revolver sells or dies. And you never know with these ballistic odd ducks. Like Perry the Platypus, sometimes a niche player finds the perfect niche. So . . uh . . . the Circuit Judge also fires 45 Long Colt. Just remember to fit the rifled choke tube. The price of inspiring endless “Wazzats?” down at the gun range: $680. View other new variants at thefirearmblog,com.