Question of the Day: Too Many Guns?

Ah to be a fly on the computer when the co-joined twins known as Magoo and MikeB read this QOTD. A nano-second later they’ll know I couldn’t possibly mean we need to reduce the number of guns in America, or in any one person’s collection. But they’ll be intrigued. How will TTAG argue that there’s no such thing as too many guns? Schadenfreude Saturday! Sorry guy/guys. I’m taking a different tack [driver] . . .

I want to know if manufacturers are offering too many models. I ask this because Stendhal syndrome has stopped me from ordering a Wilson Combat 1911. Too. Many. Choices.

A fact that John May celebrated in a recent post. And now I read that Mossberg will offer 19 new products during the first half of 2011, “with more on the way.”

Am I alone in thinking that gunmakers should make less models, make them better and spend any left-over money on marketing? Are you feeling overwhelmed by choice?