Predator Tactical Night Shrike 1911. Is the $5k 1911 About to Drop?

Three Shrikes and you’re out. Of disposable cash. Or not. There are plenty of wealthy Americans who can buy custom 1911s out of the same spare change jar that maintains their climate-controlled selection of vintage Cuban cigars. After all, the most expensive of the John Moses Browning breed doesn’t even begin to approach the outlay required for a really fine over-and-under shotgun. Yet. But we’re getting there. Well, the 1911 makers are. The gun above is the new $3950 Predator Tactical Night Shrike. Add a few bits and bobs and you can put this bad boy in the five Clevelands category. Just slightly ahead of the Wilson Classic Supergrade, with which the Shrikes shares parts. Ah but Predator Tactical gives you a free day’s training and ten ounces of Beluga caviar. Beat that Bill.