Handgun “Goes Off” in Houston Kindergarten, Shoots 3

“Three students were shot Tuesday after a gun brought to school by a 6-year-old boy accidentally went off,” foxnews.com reports. So, once again, a gun “went off” all on its own, this time in the cafeteria at the Ross Elementary School. Houston Independent School District spokesman Jason Spencer explains: “The weapon fell to the ground and fired during the lunch period around 10:22 a.m., injuring three kindergarten students, including the child who brought the gun.” The injuries aren’t life-threatening. But the official explanation is credibility-threatening. How many guns aren’t drop-safe these days? And how many of the ones that are can shoot three students with one shot?And I don’t know about you, but I’m not milling around any school with a reported shooting. I’m gonna grab my kid and go.