Gear Review: Montie Gear Precision Rest

First of all, apologies to Montie Gear for holding onto their Testing and Evaluation Precision Rest since the late Jurassic era. I guess I took the old adage “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” too literally. As soon as I finish this review I’ll slip on a pair of anti-cut gloves, package the $400 Precision Rest and send it back to base. I’m not saying the Precision Rest needs de-horning, but if those side were any sharper I’d be tempted to go into the diamond cutting business. I dropped a spud on it by mistake and ended up with a pile of julienne potatoes. Never mind. The real question facing us today: is the finely-crafted, lightweight Precision Rest a suitable alternative to those beanbag jobs for precision shooters? And the answer is . . .

Nope. Truth be told the Precision Rest is restless. The 2.5 ¬†pound unit’s hard plastic feet can’t maintain a suitable purchase on anything other than Brooklyn Decker lying on her stomach dressed in a wetsuit (don’t ask me how I know). The tripod shape doesn’t do the Rest any favors either; the unit lifts when you adjust the position of the gun or, indeed, fire the gun. It wobbles.

Does that really matter? As you’d expect from a designer with extraordinary good taste and a penchant for firearms, the Precision Rest is elegant in every detail, from its skeletonized arches to its textured bolt heads. It wouldn’t be any cooler if you put it in the ‘frig next to Walt Disney’s head.

Put some rubber pads on those hardscrabble feet, nestle a lower-caliber non-Hogue OverMolded rifle gently in the V and Bob’s your uncle. Or . . . you could use it to display your gun. Seriously.