Glock Gen4 G17, G19, G26 Preview

Glock. Brick. Gen4 Glock. Less of a brick? While the Austrian gunmaker’s flagged the fact that there’s a new recoil reducer on board, the main question swirling around the latest iteration of Gaston Glocks guns: are they more comfortable? Assuming, of course, they’re just as reliable as before. And accurate. With the same snap-to-it trigger. To reveal the truth about the latest crop of Gen4 goodness, we asked the company to send us three Gs: the G17 (17 rounds, 9mm, 4.4″ barrel), G19 (15 rounds, 9mm, 4.02″ barrel) and G26 (10 rounds, 9mm, 1.26″ barrel). We also asked for 3Gs in unmarked bills and a Gulfstream G4. Meanwhile, the guns are here and I’ve already started work on the comfort issue . . .

After picking-up the gats at Manassas Guns & Ammo Warehouse, I busted open the clamshell containers and snorted me some new gun smell. I looked over each gun closely—despite the old adage that function checking two is being thorough, while function checking three is just playing with your Glock. I don’t want to give too much of the impending reviews away, but ‘ole Gaston has made some nice changes. The most noticeable being the interchangeable back straps.

As a smallish handed person, Glocks and I have never gotten along. The grips were just too big and the large hump too awkward for me. That has definitely changed. With three grip size options you are able to tailor each gun to exactly how you want it. Right now the G17 is sporting the medium grip, the G19 is in its Short Frame (no back strap) setup and the G26 has the largest back strap on it.

All three G4 Gs fit my hand comfortably. Something I would have never dreamed I’d be saying about a Glock. In fact, I may be ready to drink the Kool Aid now Mr. Jones. Stay tuned for full length reviews of each of these bad boys in the coming weeks, some comparison tests, concealed carry insights and more. Or maybe just that.