White House on ATF Gunwalker Scandal: “I Don’t Know”

Notice that the reporter asking the White House Press Secretary about the ATF Gunwalker scandal repeats the ostensible explanation for the whole schmeer: the “small fish to catch the big fish” meme. As I stated in yesterday’s post, I’m not buying that. Like any decent criminal enterprise, drug cartels are organized into discreet cells. The “big fish” stay well away from logistics at the sharp end. But it looks like the MSM has accepted the ATF’s “our heart was in the right place” explanation; hook, line and stinkers. Meanwhile, the administration has its fingers in its ears singing “lalalalalalala.” No surprise there, either.


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5 Responses to White House on ATF Gunwalker Scandal: “I Don’t Know”

  1. avatarRichard says:

    I hope Obama never has nuke war becuase he would know about untill nukes land on head. Make one wonder how many other thing man does know what going on owen counrty.

  2. avatarRalph says:

    This whole situation smells like a big steaming pile of big fish.

  3. avatarPhil says:

    For whatever reason, most people will not contemplate the meaning of our conduct at Waco. What makes you (rhetorical) think there’s anything more compelling here?

  4. avatarGunmart says:

    Who is that 10 years old behind the podium?

  5. avatarRuffRidr says:

    I see the President and his administration is using the same head in the sand approach as all of the anti-gun blogs when it comes to this scandal. Cowards, all of them.

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