Unboxing the MasterPiece Arms Protector .380


  1. avatar 2yellowdogs says:

    I’m all for a John Locke treatise with each gun. That would definitely be an improvement over the legal boilerplate and ass-covering in three languages we usually get with each new boomstick.

    1. avatar Jeff O. says:

      Also when you run out of ammo, you can throw the book at them.

  2. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    Safety tip, you should have racked the slide as soon as you removed the gun from the box! I still remember the post you ran awhile back about some fool shipping a loaded gun (I know it’s rare, but as Henri at AFS always says “Safety comes first”). I don’t like small guns and that trigger appears to be a tough one. I can’t spend a half hour attempting to shoot someone, and even my 500’s have a better trigger pull than that lil mouse. I look forward to the actual test firing that I’m sure you will perform sometime soon.

  3. avatar Bob H says:

    “Trigger pull is oh about 40 pounds” LOL

  4. avatar MALTHUS says:

    That may not really be a forty pound trigger, but it looks to be an honest fourteen. The magazine release will be difficult to operate inadvertently, though.

  5. avatar everett walker says:

    A very articulate intro and I can hardly wait ’till you shoot it. From what I hear there are a number of these in circulation now and some of them work. Encouraging.
    I lost interest in them when told that production delays were based on “waiting for a part” but had read on the company site that “all parts (except springs) are made in-house.” It was a case of cognitive dissonace decreasing concupicience-figuratively speaking.

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