Self-Defense Tip: Keep Moving

Yes, I know: competitions like these are NOT about training for self-defense. In fact, they often provide excellent insight in what not to do in an armed self-defense situation. In this case, we have a shooter with reasonable concealment behind a Volkswagen Beetle who grabs a gun and stands like a statue, shooting in the open. Not recommended procedure. The third shooter through raises another real world question: who do you shoot first? The rabbi reckons everyone gets first before anyone gets seconds. Later in the video (4:00), we see a shooter rushing towards the targets. Excellent! If you don’t have any cover, KEEP RUSHING. Speed, surprise, violence of action. And if you’re behind cover, don’t keep shooting from the same place. That makes you a predictable target.


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    “The rabbi reckons everyone gets first before anyone gets seconds.”

    Nobody gets seconds if the threat is over.

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