Re-Caption Contest (courtesy – Now Closed

Oleg Volk and I should collaborate. While I take a mean snapshot (natural light only), Oleg is the sina qua non of firearms photography. While Oleg has strong opinions, no one writes more words about guns than Your Humble Servant. I reckon we’d be . . . at each other’s throats. Clock this picture, scraped from and cropped to remove the caption: “Not bad for a novice!” Our Ralph could think of a hundred better lines, even without an ironic exclamation mark. Don’t feel any pressure Ralph. In fact, you’re such a funny bastard I’m making you the judge for this, TTAG’s second caption contest . . .

The winner gets a box Hornaday 308 WIN 165 gr. BTSP ammo provided by I’m the only other ineligible human, so I’ll shut up now. Except to say that the contest ends at 6pm EST tonight (Saturday), ironic exclamation marks are OK! and our UK readers will get a real kick out of the target company’s name. Too obscure for a U.S. caption, but funny!