Chicago Cop: Conceal Carry Fear Comes From . . . Lawsuits

Earlier today, I took Chicago Police Deputy Superintendent Steve Peterson to task for suggesting that legally-sanctioned (and vetted) concealed carry would make Chicago cops’ work more dangerous. Supposedly, CCW permit holders would make it harder for the Boys in Blue to tell the good guys from the bad guys. One of TTAG’s Armed Intelligenstia sent the link to a local law enforcement officer. Here’s his response . . .

‎Well…I worked patrol in the hood for several years and if I learned anything, it’s always assume everyone has a gun, weapon, etc. A lot of assholes don’t have guns, they will just fight you street style. So I always assume when I show up that everyone is a bad guy until proven otherwise. It’s safer that way. Obviously this guy on the website leans to an extreme with his comments, especially about how do the police know who the bad guy is? It’s the guy doing the bad thing. He has obviously never been to the hood where no one knows nothing and theres a shot up dead guy laying there . . .

I agree, the majority of our citizens are law abiding and deserve to conceal and carry. Like anything else, its the 1% that will kill the police. The guys out there shooting the police don’t walk around with Uzi’s. They walk around with 9s and smaller weapons that everyone would have acess to. Laws do not deter the bad guys, that’s why they are bad. They conceal and carry now anyway.

Believe me, the police are the first to cheer when Good Citizen puts six rounds in a guy trying to break in to his house. Steve Peterson is a Marine and I’m sure he feels the same way. The current trend is a police shooting practically every other day here in Chicago. I suggest these writers go to or to learn about some of the police perception or where it comes from.

Bottom line: conceal and carry would put officers on edge even more in the high violent crime districts and mistakes would be made. Then the cop would get sued and lose his house (happens more than you think). Then the cop is eligible to be convicted and go to Feredal prison.

A cop, Bill Cozzi, punched a drunk asshole that was mouthing off to him and has been in Federal prison for two years. For a punch. He took two years unpaid suspension on top of it. Cops are angry because their hands are tied. In Israel, a cop makes a mistake they say, well, he’s trying to protect people sorry. No lawsuits, no nothing. Here people sue for everything.

With conceal and carry, cops would be sued for violating people’s rights.