Why Americans Need Mandatory Firearms Training


Last week, Robert Farago posted the video of the Nashville convenience store shootout at the not-so-OK Corral [above]. The video images had a Three Stooges-esque quality to them as armed incompetents blasted everything but each other in the short film. Many chocolate bars and Twinkies were harmed during the filming of this action/comedy. As a resident Canadian/ sheeple, I have a different view of the film because I believe that mandatory firearms training is not a bad idea-in fact I think it’s a great idea for legal gun owners . . .

The store employee might have been able to defend his ground a little more efficiently if he actually knew how to use his weapon. The lowlifes on the other side of the equation would require no additional training because nobody really wants them to be competent with a weapon. Except other equally incompetent lowlifes that share a basement room on the Bell curve standards of personal achievement.

The fact that most criminals would probably avoid any responsible firearms training would work in favor of responsible gun owners. Well –trained gun owners would have a racer’s edge in a situation where bullets are flying with reckless abandon.

Robert pointed out that none of the participants in the feature film were shooting through the rows of flimsy barriers on the shelves. Most convenience store shelf products are not made out of Kevlar, so a well-trained gun owner would be able to shoot more effectively from a more efficient stance.

The store employee chose to use the water pistol approach in which the shelf products would have been a barrier to his targets. Thus he shot over the shelves and placed himself in harm’s way. Luckily Moe and Curly were just as incompetent with their weapons.

The idea of any government intrusion into the gun culture is highly radioactive to most gun owners in the United States. But the rules of competency are just as compelling to me as the idea that the guy in the car next to me knows enough about vehicle operation to pass a minimal test. Nobody gets upset about that training program.