Gun Review: FNH PS90

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    March 29, 2011

    Good article, who makes the sling shown in the photos?

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      Jeff Lynch
      March 29, 2011

      The sling is from URBAN-ERT and their hybrid one point to two point sling designed specifically for the PS90.

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        Matt Hoffman
        March 30, 2011

        Urban ERT slings +1. Love mine on my ps90

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    March 29, 2011

    What brand sling do you have on it?

    re: Weight. I noticed when holding the AUG clone that it was more comfortable for me despite not being any lighter than your average AR, because the weight is up in your shoulder, but I haven’t shot one. The knock on bullpups firing rifle cartridges is muzzle climb (among other things) but it sounds like that isn’t a problem here. I might have to look into one of these.

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    March 29, 2011

    Mr. Lynch (or Jeff, if I may), I want to give you a big “Bravo” for overcoming and “driving onward”! I struggled for some time following a stroke, and thought my life was over at age 39. I never forget how lucky I am to have recovered my strength and only have the burden of screwed up memory and daily migraines. Your article is outstanding! Surely you have considered the possibility of having the FNH Five Seven pistol as an accompanying piece to the PS90-I like the use of frangibles for home defense-although I like to mix some in the magazine for other rounds with enhanced penetration. I think you are a prime candidate for using laser sighting as well-the green lasers are excellent. I love the Crimson Trace pistol grip unit I have for picatinny rails-it has illumination and a green laser. A less expensive unit has the red laser. From personal experience I can attest, the bad guys throw up their hands when they see the laser dot on their center mass! I always set my lasers for zero at 15 yards-as I am unlikely to shoot further in a real-life scenario. Again, I give all my respect to you-a testament to striving and survival of the human will! Mike

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      Jeff Lynch
      March 29, 2011

      Thanks for the words of encouragement Mike!

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    Chris Dumm
    March 29, 2011

    Mr. Lynch,

    Thank you for your comprehensive introduction to the PS90, and for bringing a physically challenged shooter’s perspective to our readers. My dearest and wisest friend was a lifelong shooter whose 30-year battles with nerve damage and limited mobility would not keep him from being a capably armed citizen.

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      Chris Dumm
      March 29, 2011

      And a completely unrelated comment about the suppressed P90 in the video: my 1300 fps .22 air rifle has as about much kinetic energy as a *subsonic* 30-grain 5.7mm slug. The 5.7 is good at what it’s good at, but it’s not a Swiss Army Gun for all tasks.

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        Matt Hoffman
        March 30, 2011

        But that .22 air rifle won’t go through 20 layers of kevlar. :)

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    Kentucky Packrat
    March 29, 2011

    I never understood the “everything is a nail” approach to gun owning. The AR is a nice rifle, but it is a rifle. It fulfills a different solution set than a carbine like a PS90 or pistol carbines like the Sub-2000 (which I want), Hi-Point, etc.

    My dad is being advised by some locals to buy a .17 WMR rifle to deal with local feral dogs. The .17 WMR sounds like an interesting plinker, but IMHO it’d be cruel for use against dog-sized targets. Just because it’s the popular round or the fancy gun doesn’t mean that you’re right to use it. (I told him to either buy a .223 bolt-action Stevens or to put a scope on the converted-.308 Enfield that he has and get some accurate HP ammo for it.)

    I also understand picking calibers based on recoil issues. I’m a big fellow who looks like he should have a full-sized 1911 (or more). However, I used old computer terminals in college without caring about posture or ergonomics. Now, I’m at the very fringes of carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s not bad enough to need treatment, but it does make higher powered calibers (.357 in smaller pistols, .40, .44, .45, etc.) very uncomfortable. My Beretta 92FS, OTOH, doesn’t hurt, so I shoot it.

    You have to be able to shoot the gun to be able to use it. Even a “stinker” round like the 5.7x28mm is still lead flying downrange, and has a pistol in the same cartridge. There are real advantages to having one bullet type for both a pistol and a carbine. With your physical issues, the FN 57 pistol might be a good fit too.

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      Jeff Lynch
      March 29, 2011

      I’ve rented the FiveSeven pistol but the grip is so big that it’s a bit much for a guy with a small hand. I carry a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Pro or 9 Compact most of the time and it fits my hand much better. I’ll be posting a review with more images in the weeks to come.

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        Kentucky Packrat
        March 30, 2011

        You’re up on me then; I can’t even remember seeing a 57 anywhere. If I have, it was in a “wow, they actually have one” moment in a gun store.

        I’m disappointed in FN. They’ve been selling the 57 to the home market as a gun for people who don’t like shooting the hot rounds. When they couldn’t displace the 92FS and the Glock 17s for the various services, they should have redesigned the grip to allow smaller people access, ala the 4th gen Glocks and new gen Sig p226s. Of course, 28mm length cartridges may box them into a fat grip.

        As an aside, can you convince the TTAG writer with the Kel-Tec SUB-2000 9mm to let you give it a spin, and then review it? I’d like to hear your opinion of it, given your strength limitations.

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    Brian Lau
    March 29, 2011

    TTACer- That appears to be the Urban ERT Sling on his PS90

    I have the same sling and Eotech XPS2 on my 90. Love it.

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      March 29, 2011

      Thanks Brian. Scott was wondering the same thing. That sling looks nice.

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      October 27, 2012

      I have the PS90 and the tactical sling that Matt offers from urbanert He has also helped me with many other things too. He has slings that you don’t have to wrap around you yourself. You can get a sling that fits on a tactical vest for more comfort. Also you can get PS90 pouches for a vest from him.

      Now on the optics I don’t like EOtech. The are so big even for being small. They tend to get in the way when you are trying to see all around you while you are looking down range. I just don’t like how they limit my field of vision, that is why I run the the Trijicon a cog with the red dot on top. It’s easy to move from one to the other if you need to. But if you are in cqb then you want the red dot and if you are looking down range then use the acog. But they are expensive but worth every penny. On the whole the U.S. military uses Trijicon more than EOTech. They are very rugged and tougher than boot leather. You can also stack Trijicon like EOTech for multiple platforms.

      In the end it comes down to what you like and Matt at can help, even if he doesn’t have what you need. He can direct you to a place that can and will.

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    Jeff Lynch
    March 29, 2011

    Thanks to everyone (especially Robert) for making an old fart from Texas feel so welcome here. I hope to put my talents to good use here in the future, photographing firearms for TTAG. I’m a commercial photographer and shoot mostly oilfield equipment and facilities here in Texas. Photographing firearms is a bit of a challenge but I’m having a lot of fun learning to light something that is generally black or chrome, two of the toughest colors to light well. If there any particular guns you’d like to see photographed, please let Robert or myself know.

    Thanks again for the Texas style welcome!

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    March 29, 2011

    Jeff, this was a fantastic review from an altogether different perspective. Thank you and welcome to the nut hut! And BTW, IMO it’s a very cool looking gun.

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    March 29, 2011

    Brian/Jeff have either of you seen the optic that comes with one version of the P90? I think it’s a rebranded C-More.

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      Jeffrey Lynch
      March 29, 2011

      FNH USA sells the C-More Systems ARW and CRW red-dot sights as an accessory to the PS90 TR. These are the same optics used on some tactical shotguns. I looked at these in a local gun store on the pS90 TR but liked the EOTech much better.

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    Jay Wolf
    March 30, 2011

    Great article Jeff!

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    April 4, 2011

    Nice review. The PS90 is on my short list. Already have the Five-seveN. :)

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    Travis Duarte
    April 5, 2011

    This is one of the best reviews from a regular citizen in a long time. I have owned my PS90 since they came out w/ the origianl halo sight built in. i have beat it,smashed it and over 4,000 rds later it still runs perfect. Of all 4 of my 5.7 firearms it is the most reliable. The only one that gives me any issues is my AR-57 i built for varmits. Still an outstanding review.

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    Coyote Gray
    June 2, 2011

    Great write up, and very balanced. I’ve read 1 too many reviews of the PS90 that was either a love fest, or a skewering. This review was the final push for me to get one for my left handed wife who bruises easily with larger caliber arms. I am waiting on my SBR paperwork to go through and we will be sending rounds down range post haste. I like large rounds, but I have faith in the science behind the 5.7 x 28mm round and in NH, I have access to the post ban rounds; though Elite looks to be making another option for personal defense ammo.

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    December 18, 2011

    How did I end here when all I wanted is too look for a FnH 57 dealer ? but I enjoyed the review even if buying this gun is not my idea,best wishes to the author & merry Christmas to all nuts from a nut.

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    February 9, 2012

    Great review. I am looking into the PS90. My only hesitation is parts availability. Are there parts that wear and a guy should have on hand as spares?
    Compact with 50rds on tap is hard to beat.

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    James Grant
    April 25, 2012

    Solid review, I keep contemplating picking one of these up, I just wish there were more sources of ammo for them.

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    John OB
    August 15, 2012

    Just for anyone reading this review….. I am also a professional photographer, and we’re not all pussies…..

    The AR is a great platform, when I was in the army my 20″ barreled M16 weighed about 8 pounds…. The 16″ newer varients weigh less…..

    And if you know what you’re doing you can carry and shoot the things all day….

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      September 15, 2012

      WTF! The author obviously has physical challenges not of his own doing. I’ve never had a stroke or similar nerve damage, but I’m sure that it would make doing everything much more difficult. If this fellow needs a Ps90 to defend himself and his family then he is no weaker than you or I because of it….

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      January 19, 2013


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    March 30, 2013

    First off, guns are guns. They handle differently, but work the same way.
    Firm and steady grip, good sight picture, squeeze, if you got those right, smile for the picture after.
    Primer ignition, main powder charge deflagration and expulsion of the round is pretty much a given at our current level of technology.
    Full automatic is a challenge unto itself and requires some training and experience.

    That said, as a PDW, this weapon, be it in the 16 inch barrel model or the military short barrel model is an excellent weapon, based upon reports of those who used it.
    What the round lacks in kinetic strength of impact is imparted by additional rounds.
    Let’s face it, wanna crack a Brazil nut, sometimes one has to hit it a few times.
    It does the job.

    For a PDW handgun, I’ll stick with my M1911. Never learned how to miss a target with it.
    But then, I fired a possible for over 27 years in the military with mine. Mine was a “customized” stock version, I did better with it than any race gun around.
    AR for up to 200 meters. Beyond that, I prefer an M14 or sniper system.
    7 meters and closer, it’s time to pull out the knife.

    Or more simply, given a choice between an MP5, MP7 and this, I’ll take this military version in a CQB environment.
    It “felt” better in cold handling.

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    kefton brown
    May 25, 2013

    First off I hapoen to like the 5.7 round and I would love to own the rifle. I commend you for carrying on Mr. Jeff and john ob im still in the army have been for over 8 years and ive handled m16/m4 and I own an ar I have also handled the 5.7 rifle and pistol its a good round and I can and have handled the biggest pistol rounds one handed (though almost got me with the 500). For a in home or enclosed environment the ps90 the way to go anything else ar15 or bigger

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    July 5, 2013

    How would one sight in the EOTech for Close Quarter Combat like say 15 yards? thanks!

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    Dan J.
    April 17, 2014

    I was just looking at buying one of these. Found a good deal at this site. They have free shipping too with code spring. Is 5.7 becoming more readily available? I know for a while it was hard to come by.

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