TTAG Blogs the NRA Confab

Yes, the annual love fest that is the NRA’s meet n’ greet for the firearms faithful is coming up again this April, this time in Beautiful, Downtown Pittsburgh. (!) And TTAG will be there, in force to cover the event.

Last year, your faithful correspondent went stag to the event. This year, the exponentially larger TTAG is sending no fewer than four warm bodies to cover the event: Fearless Leader and Mrs. Fearless Leader will be there to soak in the Pittsburgh ambience, along with intrepid writer/editor/art director/bon vivant and man-about-town, Brad Kozak (that would be me) and rookie photog, Ed Posey, who is a long-time shooter, firearms enthusiast, experienced photographer, and fellow-NRA Life Member.

We’ll be covering the trade show (natch), ferreting out all the new goodies, handling the merchandise, asking the tough questions to the execs that nobody else seems to ask, and bargaining for some eval units to review. In the evenings, we’ll be reporting on the keynotes. This year’s scheduled roster includes former Arkansas Governor (and current talk show maven) Mike Huckabee, fellow talk show guru (and son of the late President) Mike Reagan, blue collar commedian Jeff Foxworthy, and a host of other luminaries, including guitar god/bow hunter/wildman, Ted Nugent.

If you are an NRA member, admission to the exhibits is free. (Admission to the keynotes and such is decidedly not.) But your intrepid TTAG team of seasoned reporters will bring back the scoops demanded by the TTAG Armed Intelligencia.

So mark your calendars – April 29 through May 1 are the dates. We invite you to live vicariously through us for the duration, and come up with whatever kinds of questions you’d like us to pose, and get ’em too us. Got a gear question? Wanna ask a certain manufacturer why they haven’t come out with your dream gun in .45 ACP, or why the hi-tech sights you want don’t fit your model pistol? We’ll do our best to get the answers, but only if you let us know what’s on your mind.