“Since its first contact Dec. 3, the XM25 has been in nine engagements with two units at different locations,” armytimes.com. “Specifically, it has disrupted two insurgent attacks on observation posts, taken out two PKM machine gun positions and destroyed four ambush sites. In one engagement, an enemy machine gunner was ‘so badly wounded or so freaking scared that he dropped [his] weapon’ and ran, said Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner, Program Manager Individual Weapons.” Big difference.

9 Responses to “The XM25 has changed the battlefield with only 55 rounds, and earned a new name among soldiers: ‘The Punisher'”

  1. Yes, but once they go into production, that will come way down. Down to like, $250 or so.

    Think about it. You can set the damned thing to a very specific range. When shooting at a building, the guy in the video said the shooter measures to the window, adds 2 meters and lets fly. Each projectile must have GPS capability. Or something.

    Anyway, this is a pretty amazing weapon. Heavy, yes. But it sure beats the hell out of having to call in helo support to root out a dug in attacker.

    • Less GPS and more a calculator: if you know the speed of the projectile, and know the distance to the target, you can calculate the time it’ll take to get to where it should blow up. Tell the grenade… thing… to blow up in x amount of seconds, and kaboom! No more bad guy. Actually, more like bad guy with lots of shrapnel in him.

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