The World According to Adam Deciccio

Yesterday, I trained with Adam Deciccio at The American Firearms School. It started off as a lesson on how to shoot a revolver. After I hit what I was aiming at with our Testing and Evaluation 3″ Ruger SP101, we moved onto tactics. First, Adam helped me practice my draw-move maneuver. He taught me to get into my crouched combat stance before I draw my gun. From there, we discussed tactics. When I said the words “pie the room,” Adam sighed and smiled. The Afghanistan combat vet listed the three rules for urban gunfighting: speed, surprise and violence of action. In other words, if you’re entering a room, no pie for the white guy. Commit, enter, kill. “The chances of getting killed are around 80 percent,” Adam said. So . . . footwork is key.

This is why I can’t stand most gun ranges. The majority use narrow urinal stalls where you can’t move laterally. And moving laterally is what you should do instinctively. And you can’t do it instinctively if you can’t do it every time you draw a gun. As we discussed previously, most ranges won’t even let you draw, never mind draw and move laterally.

The only solution: practice at home. Endlessly. The other benefit of training at home (preferably with a blue gun): you can keep moving. Around objects. Quickly and fully committing to entering rooms (if you’re down with that) and finding the point of dominance. And when you do, crouch and walk heel to toe, heel to toe.

The more I train for armed self-defense, the more clear it becomes: I need a gun range that offers the opportunity to practice regular, proper self-defense drills. It looks like I’m going to have to build one, eventually. Meanwhile, I’m putting together a two one-day courses for our Armed Intelligentsia. One with the rabbi, one with Adam. You in?