Taser Takes Over the World

Field Use/Suspect Applications:           1,216,476 ± 2%
Training/Voluntary Applications:          1,192,531 ± 7%
Total:                                                   2.4 million+ (as of Jan 31, 2010)

SALES GROWTH OF TASER ECDs at law enforcement, correctional, private security and military agencies 2000 – 2010:
2000:    500 agencies
2001:    1100 agencies
2002:    2010 agencies
2003:    4300 agencies
2004:    7073 agencies
2005:    8764 agencies
2006:    10,567 agencies
2007:    12,500 agencies
2008:    13,938 agencies
2009:    15,108 agencies
2010:    16,009 agencies


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5 Responses to Taser Takes Over the World

  1. avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

    I love stun guns, and I have a nice collection of various types that will light up your life.

  2. avatarRalph says:

    Not legal in MA for civilians. I can shoot a BG, but not stun him. Shocking.

  3. avatarJOE MATAFOME says:

    I wouldn’t stun anyone because it’s a waste of time, I just think stuns guns are cool.

  4. avatarRichard says:

    There been some lawsuites over being misused buy cops other people. That led have them not being used all some places.

  5. avatarJake F. says:

    I want one of those police style stun guns but I would rather carry a real gun. I like in the news whenever you hear about some group trying to get cops to give them up; I guess they don’t realize that without the stun gun the police would just have to shoot the more unruly criminals.

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